Full Moon Prayer Meditation Event on Tuesday, April 7th at 6:30 pm PST.

April is the third supermoon for 2020, join a FREE collective Prayer Release Ritual. Let’s use the power time to amplify ALL needed transformations. You can join in the Collective Prayer Release Ritual or create your own with a powerful practice/ritual with 5 easy steps Miraculous Full Moon Ritual.

As we all were launched into April’s accelerated awakening. We can use nature’s highly magnetizing time to create a completion energy cycle during the third supermoon to awaken, reveal and shine the light for healing and renewal.

As fears during this time of uncertainty are amplified. There is a magnetizing boosting power time we can use to get in sync with nature’s alignment. Allow your attention to hold your prayerful intention for the miraculous power to reset and renew.

The moon moves in the natural rhythm of cycles to help sustain life on earth. Keeping the ocean tides moving and not letting life be in stagnation. We can use this natural cyclic rhythm to amplify what is needed right now.

3 Energy Focuses for April:

1. New Meanings Emerge.
We are in a magic dark time that asking for our fortitude to forge new awakenings to emerge. Same as the new growth emerges from the protective dark magic of the seed’s containment. We are amidst the messy middle in the magic dark time before a new dawn. We are re-shaping a new world.

2. Reveal. Release. Transform.
No one has escaped the triggering fears, loss and trauma this time has catalyzed to the light. Name. Claim. Tame. Reveal. Release. Do not underestimate your potent power of prayer at this power time to embrace transformation.

3. Align & Define.
No one is exempt. NO ONE the necessary needed connection calling to us. It’s a deeply healing call for all. Whatever is needed to transform is being called into an accelerated awakening. Filled with so much of our humanity in hurts, healings, and profound growth, we can fortify faith. Go to your truth and feel the core connection that holds the miraculous for you. Me. We. All of us.
Use the following support to join me and/or create your own ritual.
Let’s align.
Pen to paper. Antenna to God/Source/Life.
Let’s create a powerful prayer and ritual of release.
Be heard.
Be seen.
Be known.
April is the Pink Full Moon known for the new blossoms.
Let’s activate the new blessings ready to blossom.


Full Moon Prayer Meditation Event on Tuesday, April 7th at 6:30 pm PST.



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