Solar Eclipse Transformational Energy + Manifesting New Moon Ritual + Mercury Retrograde Starts. 7 easy steps New Moon Ritual:>>> 7 simple steps New Moon Ritual.
Eclipse season is here with the Mercury Retrograde to boost a profound SHIFT into a whole new story and timeline for something NEW. Eclipses are BIG amplifiers for energy ready to move.
This April New Moon brings a rare type of eclipse that only occurs 3% of the time, approximately every ten years.
April Focus for the Solar Eclipse New Moon:
1. ABUNDANCE AMPLIFIER. More is on the way. What is the “more” you need to pour into your life, right now? Give your prayers, intentions, and deep reflections on what has felt held back and small into what you are ready to make into more. Look toward a major event or life area that has felt eclipsed to focus on your abundance expansion.
2. START OF SOMETHING NEW. Endings and beginnings are a big part of the eclipse season signaling a change. Mercury Retrograde will ask you to write a new story of what is your new start and season. Something new will be born.
3. ENERGY EXPANDER. This is an exciting time to have BIG visions expand and real possibilities to come into reality. Clear out something physical in your space for new energy to come in.
Pen to Paper - Antenna to God/Universe/Source and write it right the story in your heart ready to be heard. Bring to the light your heart’s intentions with your Manifesting New Moon Ritual.
Shine on ~

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