Total Solar Eclipse Transformational Energy + Manifesting New Moon Ritual ~ Monday, April 8th ~ Grab this super-charged time and claim the new for you. 7 easy steps New Moon Ritual.

We are in a highly charged activation time for manifesting and new creations. Use this powerful portal of the Solar Eclipse New Moon in Mercury Retrograde to claim a new way forward.

The Solar Eclipse is the “Ring of Fire” taking us through the shadows or what has felt in the dark or unknown into the light on all levels. New realities will be born.

Focus for the Solar Eclipse New Moon in Mercury Retrograde:

 Focus for April Solar Eclipse New Moon in Mercury Retrograde:


1. MANIFESTING POWER is supercharged in the solar transformer eclipse energy — carrying in manifesting power, shaping something complete new.

What do you want to manifest with this power?

What’s the shift you are devoting your focus to that brings a completely new paradigm into your life?

2. FUTURE VISION INTENTIONS IGNITE. A whole new way is expanding for you. Name the new. Claim the change. We are crossing the threshold of BIG transformation at this time.

What is a new reality you are willing to BOLDLY to step into?

3. CROSSING THE THRESHOLD Solar eclipse energy is the ring of fire, the active labor pains of big expansive growth. Whatever has felt unsettling or stuck energies feeling like slow sticky molasses, long delays, postponements or too heavy to carry anymore — a shift is here. Use the portal of the New Moon Solar Eclipse to give the claiming clarity for your new creations. The month of April in Mercury Retrograde gives the energy of review, reset and write a new way forward. Success is yours if you cross the threshold this time is asking of you. Time to go for it!

✍🏼 Put pen to paper. Write it right (Antenna to God/Universe/Source). Light your candle. 🕯️Create your ritual to give your power intentions alignment to activate. Give your intentions the warmth of light. Through the darkness and into the light, we will eclipse and activate what is next. We cross the threshold of transformation here to carry forward new realities.

Bring your visions to life.
Shine on ~


Here is a powerful 15 Empowering Abundance meditation.

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