February Full Moon ~ Full OfHeart & High Frequency for POWER Shifts    >>>5 Easy Steps Miraculous Full Moon Ritual.

The February Full Moon shines the power focus of what is next to step forward in a BIG new way.


1. POWER SHIFTS. Awakenings are accelerating. Allow yourself to embrace what is stirring in you. The tides of transformation is turning. Be willing to let go to close the chapters for a new book to be written starting NOW.

2. RELEASE & FREE. Clear the space of all that has been stuck, stagnant and repeating. Become free. A rapid revolution is here to shift with you. Take it into your heart and live true.

3. HEART & HIGH FREQUENCY. Heart power is what is needed to guide a new way. Expand. Turn up your radiance and you will tune more into the high frequency to carry you forward.

Claim the clarity of your Full Moon Intentions. Write it right - Pen to Paper (Antenna to God, Universe, Life, Source, Universal Loving Presence) A power shift is happening right now and BOLDLY birthing new beginnings.

Sit in sacred space with your true self this weekend.
Surrender to the Supreme Greatness of God in you and allow your February Focus to take on the frequency of your true heart.

Use the light of the moon to mirror what is ready to step forth for you.
Let your radiance shine.




 Support Enhancements

Worthy Woman 2023 Shift

There are the 7 Expression Codes that live within us.

These Expression Centers get blocked through wounding, trauma, indoctrination, and the culture we come from and continue to live in.

Creating a perfect storm of Overwhelm, Doubt, and Confusion.

You came into this world as a magic spark of God’s Expression with the tools and power to SHIFT… and with the right guidance and process you can shed the overwhelm, doubt, confusion, and whatever is keeping you stuck, and step into your LIGHT FULLY and make a WORTHY WOMAN 2023 SHIFT!

Your soul is quietly whispering that YOU ARE WORTHY of making

Embodying a worthy shift that is true of your heart’s desire

That honors your soul’s calling

And aligns with your soul’s purpose

If you’ve been feeling a deep stirring within you to make a shift…

… to find a way to create more time, money, and freedom, to create a positive impact and get back to what really matters in your life…

Worthy Woman 2023 Shift