EVENT: Audacity to be Authentic Writer’s Retreat with Anne Ribley & Dawn Jordan

You are invited to find your authentic voice, your creative calling, your next move, your next groove, your courageous words at our three day retreat for writers, poets, playwrights, screenwriters, lyricists, songsters, bloggers, or anyone needing to create with spoken word projects, writing a book, creating content, platforms to launch and/or lovers of the Word.

This long weekend retreat is for seasoned writers and starters. For those being called to allow the weight of their words that are stirring inside needing to find movement with their voice, words, expression and a creative channel for a significant shift around a body of work.

When is it?
November 9, 10, 11, 2018

Use the power time of 11-11 to open the creative gateway to your work that worthy and ready to come forward in the world.

Where is it?
The Narrative Loft
1 N Calle Cesar Chavez #240
Santa Barbara, CA 93103

(Walking distance to the beach.)

The Narrative Loft has specifically been selected because it is a special place that holds the right energy and intention to bring your project alive.

What’s this event about?

Writing is a wild mysterious act of expression, isn’t it? It takes audacity. It takes vulnerability. Authenticity. There is a creative challenge all projects of expression face in finding the voice, the words, the expression to unleash momentum.

This event won’t be on technique or writing style. It will be a hands-on, interactive, guided, mentored and nurtured time to help you bring real life to a project that is calling for you to drop into and find the messages that lives in the wisdom already present in your body.

During this writer’s retreat you will:

Learn to resource your body, heart and mind to guide your writing work.

Learn to connect to your hearts deepest longing that wants to be put to the page. 

Tap into your fullest voice that wants expression. 

Learn how to intentionally use movement to push through writers’ block. 

Find your writing dance with your own rhythm for your writing, plus how your writing will help you find a rhythm for your life.

Find the healing and freedom the power of your own words can do for your life.

Open up the movement with your body and your words. 

Tap into your body’s innate intelligence, creativity, love and your BodyWisdom. 

Uncover the vocabulary of your unique voice.

What words move you? Find your way to trust your story to be told.

Access your BodyWisdom to overcome doubts and fears. 

Shift stuck energy to inspired creative action with your writing.

A nourishing experience of raw food for your writing and expression in your Audacity to be Authentic.

Find the sequence of words that becomes your gospel. 

What’s the schedule?
10-6pm both days, with a mid-morning and late-afternoon short break and lunch break from 1 to 2.

What to bring?

Notebook. Journal. Current project pieces. Laptop. Or nothing. Just show up. Paper. Pen. Pencil. Will be supplied to start where you need to next.

Where do we eat?
There are many healthy eating options and restaurants within a short distance. Light snacks will be provided throughout the day. You can also bring your own lunch.

Where do we stay?
There are many choices within and nearby the Santa Barbara area. 

Airport Options?
Santa Barbara Municipal Airport (SBA)

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is 90 minutes away.

Where do we park?
Plenty of parking available at The Narrative Loft.

Final Encouragement:

Every year for the past two years, I personally have held my own writer’s retreat over the 3 day 11-11 weekend. And I am happy to hold additional nurturing space now for those being called to get some writing work done over this power time. It’s even more thrilling to offer a writer’s retreat with the beloved Dawn Jordan who will help walk us through the writer’s weekend with fun, joy and movement with our work and tapping into our BodyWisdom as one of our most powerful resource to write.

It will be magical.


Miraculous work will get started, flowing and completed.

Space Only Holds 25 spots. Cost: $850

Registration Now Closed