August 26th, 2018

We are in a boosting transformational time that has been in process for quite some time. Especially, the past 9 months the times have peaked in personal paradigm-shifting ways. Use this miraculous time of the full moon to embrace the new you emerging. (5 easy steps to the Miraculous Full Moon Ritual)

August’s Energy Focus for the Full Moon:

1. SHINE. Shining the light on your most powerful truth. Shining the light toward your authentic aspirations. Letting go of all that has been heavy or held you back from claiming your power to show up and shine. True soul-inspired direction is shining your path to direct you in a deeper powerful way. Every one of us has been looking more closely at our personal power energy systems, release what hasn’t been working and has you adjusting to a new way of being.

2. SURRENDER. Surrender to your open posture or stance with your life. Get in touch with the truth-filled transformation you are allowing to assimilate into your new way of being. What do you need to allow in? What shells/layers of protection do you need to let go? What stories keep haunting you that want relief and release? Surrendering energetic holding patterns is surfacing now. Write it right. Pen to paper — antenna to God — Universe.

3. REMEMBER. Re-membering any lost or forgotten parts of yourself that ready for your reclaiming. Whatever you have felt cut off is the connection line to what is ready to become stronger with your power stamina. Make the conscious open space for your power paradigm to speak to you. Look to the beginning of this year and see what powerful deep transformation you have been in for your personal re-membering for the power paradigm emerging.
You are worth claiming.

August Full Moon Intentions

by Anne Ribley | 15 Minutes

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