Full Moon, August 3/4th ~ We are in timely transformations. Use the healing, aligning power practice of a #FullMoonRitual to heal and transform 5 easy steps here.

As the sun, moon, and earth come into amplifying alignment, you can clear and claim the transforming shifts now coming through. We are inside a deep reshaping in the heart of all matters.

Use this power time to reflect on what exactly the needed shift to clear and claim the re-shape of the cycle coming through. You can use this full moon time to break-free into new beginnings. Everything is boosting toward a new cycle change. Your connection is your protection in changes ahead.

August Full Moon Focus:

The old is truly on it’s way out, making room for the new. We are each being asked to go right to the heart matters. Clear and claim what matters in the heart of your life and all of life around. The acceleration of awakening is happening now be inside your heart matters.

The depth and direction are informing new future visions. We are going deep inside and clearing the way for a new life direction to lead the way we love, use power, and show up. The feeling of intensity is seeking us to go to the depth for a new direction. Clear all the old toxic outdated ways to receive the fullness of healing and transformation coming through.

Life is shifting and stirring to the surface what needs attention for clearing on all levels. New connections are coming together. Let your moment of sacred connection communicate with your deep-down truth of what you want to clear for new creations to come through. “Write it right” with pen to paper, antenna to God. Release and reach out with the Miraculous Full Moon Ritual.

All of life moves with cycles, seasons, and rhythms and this gives you the chance to be in sync with the cycles we are all tumbling through together.
Shine on ~

Whatever has been displaced in your power, collect the parts. Whatever doesn’t belong to you to carry anymore, let it go. Gathering your power is an act of GRACE giving a connection of protection.

Use this timely mantra to guide you as you gather in GRACE what is yours to embrace with life.

Listen to this week’s Monday Mantra episode if you would like to hear a process you could do for your Full Moon Ritual to collect parts of yourself that may have been displaced. 

Moon Support Power Meditations

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