Manifesting Super New Moon. We are at powerful manifesting intention weekend. After such a long time period of high intense energy, now is your soul reprieve time. Use this power time to plant the seeds of your manifesting dreams. 

We are in an amplifying time with the super new moon being so close to earth. A fast-moving momentum of energy is now stirring. Use this power time to focus on what you really want to create for yourself over these next few months. New foundations are being built. What’s the intentions of seeds you want to plant? Tune into something very specific you want to activate by the end of this year.

August Super New Moon Focus:

1. REACH FOR DREAMS: It’s time to speak up. It’s time to allow your dreams to be seen. This is a powerful time of showing up in a whole new way to your life. This cycle marks the stretching time to reach. Reach for dreams. Begin by naming it and claiming something very specific and significant that is time for you to reach for.

2. ACTIVATING POWERFUL NEW BEGINNINGS: You have much inside that wants to express. Whatever has felt stifling and stuck is shifting from long-held patterns into something never lived before. New beginnings are here for you.

3. PROSPERITY AND ABUNDANCE: Prosperity is a word that comes from pro-spirit, a state of being in the promise of your spirit. Plant the seeds of your prosperous dreams, and your attention will allow the abundance that wants to come through for you to show up. This is your manifesting cycle to plant the seeds of prosperity for your natural abundance to flow toward you. A big shift is happening and you can use this amplifying time to activate your authentic dreams that are potent with power.

Use this weekend to write it right and into reality. (Pen to paper - Antenna to God, Universe, Creation) Set your manifesting intentions. You are here co-create your prosperous possibilities into life!
Focus in on something specific and significant you are ready to reach for.
Light your candle. 
Activate the intentions. 


Shine On ~

Alignment. Integrity. Internally. Externally. Empower the Oneness 11:11.

Write it Right. What you don’t know yet how it will come to be.

What you will show up for to support, grow and expand to be.


Preview of the Courageous Confidence Meditation

by Anne Ribley | 30 Minutes