New Moon with the Lion’s Gate Power Energy on 8:8. Time to tune into your courageous heart and super-charge your manifesting intentions. >> 7 Easy Steps for the New Moon Ritual.
Lion’s Gate on 8:8 ignites an intensity of what is speaking inside of you to come more alive. The Lion’s Gate is the fire inside. Let it speak to you. Let it out tremendous creational energy will carry forward the new future.
We are in a time of breaking down as we all break-thru personally and collectively.
What’s your role and bigger life vision goal needed to come forth?
August Lion’s Gate New Moon Energy Focus:
The power cycle upon us all is calling for the core connection to be inside the courageous heart. There is a soul charge you are feeling. Allow yourself to feel it. Connect to your courageous heart.
What new purpose is rising in you? What’s the fire inside that needs to be honored. If it doesn’t get honored you may find it showing up in destructive outlets. Your fire, passion, and purpose needs to be heard and honored, let it land with intention.
What have you been putting off?
What have you delayed, denied, or avoided that now needs to be honored?
What intentions do you need to draw the line and say… now is the time! I am here for it. Yes, ignite, come alive. I am… letting it BeCome.
Lions Gate New Moon Ritual will allow you to connect to your inspiring intentions ready to be super-charged with courage and strength for new creations.
What’s the energy word or phrase to super-charge your courageous heart?
Create your “write it right” list (antenna to God, Source, Universe).
Ignite the clarity of your intentions that need air to breathe, to come alive and no longer be held inside?
Light your candle and declare fully “I am… & let it BeCome”!
Time to ignite your spirit’s light of trailblazing.
Shine on,
~ Anne

Lion’s Gate : Moon Support Power Meditations

Empowering Abundance Meditation

by Anne Ribley | 15 Minutes

Use this power mantra to help you move into action, to not delay or avoid by holding yourself back. Welcome your day into synchronicity, create meaningful momentum, open yourself up to a beautiful new opportunity, let something miraculous unfold, take the next best step…

You can use this mantra as a powerful reminder to boost yourself with the courage to show up. Place your hand over your heart and repeat

{{ It’s my time. It’s my turn. I say yes — I am ready to take the next step. }}

Something magical awaits you.
Go for it. It’s your time. It’s your turn. Step forward to receive.