Healing Intention Release for Deeper Held Pain/Patterns:

1. Write it right. The active step of intention creates the awareness that facilitates the healing by bringing it to the light. Making space for the new! Your renewal.

2. Create your release list of what has been deeply held sources of resistance, pain and blockages in the form of karmic debts.

3. Release those deeper patterns of pain that have settled in the form of blockages in your body, your behaviors or mental and emotional processes that have become karmic debts of suffering or sabotage. Let it all go. Relinquish. Release. Allow renewal.


LIVE “Super-Charge Healing Intentions”


Saturday, August 9, 2014


Super-Charge Healing Intentions Replay

by Anne Ribley

At the fundamental core, we all want a better life. We all want to be “better” with who we are!

There is something beautifully connecting in that understanding for humanity. 

August Super Moon Super Full Moon Sunday, August 10th. It’s a time of powerful boosting energy as we are still in a super moon time. It’s the rare 3 super moons in a row July, August, & September. Meteor showers (shooting stars) will follow for days after this August full moon. Shooting stars after the full moon… how awesome is that? Tap into natural boosting energy that is naturally available for you. Energy is strong and intensified. Ocean tides will be moving higher and stronger. We are a part of these cycles. We are not separate or disconnected.

This will be a powerful weekend to declutter what has tried to collect and settle into your soul’s journey. Unhook old baggage, blockages, pain/suffering that are sabotaging your abilities to reach for your heart’s peace, joy or dreams! 

If you have felt restless or unsettling areas in your life this is only part of the natural synchronizing order for you. You can move into deeper trust and healing in your life by using this natural boosting power time to meditate, pray and attune to what is ready to come next for you.

The Miraculous Full Moon Ritual is a simple and beautiful way to relinquish the heavy, dark and outgrown ways so that you may reach for your life’s shooting stars!
Shine your light!

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