February 2016 New Moon Ritual

  Manifesting New Moon Ritual  ~ Monday, February 8th, 2015 ~ Let your light shine on the heart of what matters. It is time to open your heartfelt treasure chest of dreams. Give attention to your intentions. Create miraculous momentum. Are you ready to catch the wave of miraculous momentum for 2016? It’s here if you can get to the heart of what matters and allow it to mend. In recent times, we have all been going through quite a bumpy energy ride to “mend what matters”. February’s new moon cycle can give a significant change of heart. We can open fuller to what we have been longing for in the heart of our own matters. During this powerful time of new beginnings, you can give intention and shine the light to help facilitate your own mending. For each of us, it will be in different arenas of our lives calling forth a deep mending to what matters.  We witness it as many worldly powers are being called to task and asked how to “mend what matters”. It’s at the forefront of the political debates. It’s at the forefront of eco-climate conversations. It’s at the forefront of our humanity. It’s right now in our relationships to each other and planet Earth. I know for myself, it feels like it has been in every sector of my life personally and with my family. Keep “mending what matters” has been the mantra of healing and change for me lately. Whether it has been from broken bones, to injured arms or a new leg for me. That’s touching only the physical realm for...
January 2016 Full Moon Ritual

January 2016 Full Moon Ritual

We start the new year with such clarity of how we want to be different and better. If you haven’t felt a super-charging momentum or manifesting change for 2016 yet, no worries. You are not alone and this weekend can be a shifting point as we move through the first full moon of this year and move out of the mercury retrograde period.
Reflect. Release. Renew.
Activate more strongly the clarity of your transforming change. Let the certainty in your soul shine. This weekend can bring a release with the resistance that blocks your truest heart’s direction. A lighten up and letting go. Let all old resentments be freed from your energy field.
Liberate the light of your soul!

Prosperity Prophecy Mantra

Prosperity Prophecy Mantra

I Allow My Prosperity Prophecy to Live Through Me! Speak to the power already residing inside you that naturally will propel you toward your prosperous conditions. Activate the clarity. Call forth your Divine action. You are meant to feel love, be in love and living a life of love. You are meant to thrive with life. You are destined to be a part of the overflowing abundant energy that is not a withholding Source. Living in your prosperity prophecy is about getting into your lane of GRACE with your life. With your hand over your heart allow the ownership of the mantra… {{ I allow my prosperity prophecy to live through me}} …to marinate deeper into you. Align to your prosperous prophecy for 2016

October 2015 New Moon Ritual

New Moon ~ October 12-13th 2015 ~ Bring to light your dreams! Every day gives new discoveries. Every new moon cycle gives new beginnings for manifesting intentions. The monthly spiritual practice of the Manifesting New Moon Ritual can facilitate miraculous impact and transformational change in your life. We have weathered some strong energy seasons over the past few months with supermoons, several strong eclipses, plus mercury retrograde having its stirring energy effects on communication. These combinations may have caused some life reckoning that now begs to be brought into balance. Now is that time to “write it right”! Access what is now ready for some internal settling for you. Use this manifesting time to break free from heavy stifling energies. A natural lifting will happen with the inquiry. Are you ready… To turn toward the truth of your heart’s knowing? To let your soul speak? To connect to your life’s dreams? To bring attention to your heart’s real and true intentions? Now is the time for not holding back what is ready to be written into your life by you… for you and… WITH you. You are not alone. You are already connected to your greatest possibilities to be reconciled, restored and manifested into form. Take the sacred time to “write it right” (pen to paper), antenna to God/Source, the Universe and bridge the connection of your inner world with your outer world for your beautiful rich life. You are an intentional spark of creation with an immeasurable innate capacity to unfold in GREATNESS. Take the time to let your light shine in your heart’s treasures of truth. Feel the...

September New Moon 2015

~ Manifesting New Moon Ritual ~ Sunday, September 13th Time to check in with your intentions for creation. Set and reflect on your prayers, dreams and wishes you want to manifest.  This weekend is filled with highly magnetizing energy to energize your dreams. It’s a power-packed NEW MOON between SUPER FULL MOONS with an upcoming “Mercury Retrograde” period following. The Manifesting New Moon Ritual is a soulful ritual that will make your heart’s desired manifestations truly magical! I spent part of my weekend in Santa Barbara for a previewing of Oprah’s new BELIEF series. Oprah is so proud of this global series. It’s all about the uniting of the connection and meaning we all seek through our rituals and practices regardless of age, race, culture or nationality. The Manifesting New Moon Ritual has the same common thread of connection. Become a part of an extraordinary global event every month on the evening of the new moon, when we collectively set our personal intentions by manifesting the light of our hopes and dreams. Let’s light up a million souls around the world! Tell your friends. Join with millions of others, and manifest your dreams with a powerful meditation and prayer ceremony on the night of the new moon. Please share. Only requirement is the heart’s desire to manifest hopes and dreams into the world. “True desire in the heart for anything good is God’s proof to you sent beforehand to indicate that it’s already yours.” ― Denzel Washington Shine on~ Bring your dreams to light! Namaste, Anne     Discover 7 Easy Steps for Manifesting New Moon Ritual ===> Click Here Create...

August New Moon Ritual 2015

  Manifesting New Moon Ritual August 14th 2015! Shine the light on your hopes, dreams, and intentions. Get ready to let your dreams set sail!  Have you heard the phrase, “Your ship is coming in.”? It goes back to when so many treasures and tangible manifestations were part of the highly anticipated return of a ship filled with worldly treasures. It’s that time for you call upon the “worldly worth” of your dreams, both internally and externally. Accelerate the law of attraction with the congruency of your dreams that match the place of your internal and external worlds. If you have been doing the work and eavesdropping in on your life, you must be feeling the call for the necessary changes you desire that are intertwined with your authentic soulful dreams. Claim the clarity of your manifesting cycle opening up on the upcoming new moon. Set your life’s sails in your destiny’s direction, and watch for your ship to come in. Your manifesting intentions will start synchronizing as you find the sacred ground of your life’s TRUTH. It’s that time to welcome the power of you, your life in all the prosperous, promising ways that LIFE is ready to bring unto you, full of possibility. Don’t miss out on this powerful time to bring light to your hopes and dreams that are ready to transform and manifest. Ride on the energy winds - bringing in a powerful catalyst of transforming change. Now is your time. Allow your readiness to match all your manifesting intentions that you are ready to claim with clarity. Ignite the light of your dreams.  Shine...