I am connected & protected to allow…

…my inspired intentions to realize and materialize.
…my good to come forth from wherever it is.
…my expression to be a powerful energy force of expansion.
…my restful restoration to rejuvenate my life.
…trust as my supportive guided source.
…the flow that is mine to step forth BOLDLY as my wave to be carried, and what is not mine to gracefully fade away.

I am connected & protected to allow…

Others to be, without needing to fix, defend against, teach, preach or shrink away from. I am solid in my soul posture as I know I am connected and protected to allow…

…the intelligent wisdom of the universe to guide my heart.

…the Original Knowing that is my Greater Being to allow my innocence (Inner Sense) to be wide open to my life because I am connected and protected in this truth.

…and my mantra message I carry forward… I am connected and protected to allow… reverberates throughout all my cells and into the energy field of life’s loving radiance of natural action and attraction.

And so it is.



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