Miraculous Full Moon Ritual 

December 25th, 2015

Rare Holiday Full Moon

Miraculous Full Moon Ritual ~ December 25th ~ Grab the magic of this incredible transforming time and make the absolute most during this season of significance. During such a sacred shared time of ritual and connection embrace the 5 simple steps of the Miraculous Full Moon Ritual to give release & renew for 2015 and open to the next chapters ahead in your life for the upcoming new year.

Embrace this rare holiday full moon on December 25th 2015 that hasn’t happened since 1977. This synchronistic alignment won’t happen again until 2034. You can embrace something special and significant with this boosting synchronizing time. 

Old karmic contracts (long standing energetic patterns, situations, and configurations) can be called to their close with awareness, forgiveness, release and the allowing of new energy to come in for renewal and transcendence. 

Yes, an energy of transcendence that will birth a light of living in you… propelling you into “Living Your Prosperity Prophecy” for your next new chapters ahead. 

Reflect… on the longest standing patterns that have had repetitive karmic effects in your life and write your letter of forgiveness and release with the Miraculous Full Moon Ritual during this holiday time. The reflection, the attention and intention will breathe a profound cleansing into you. 

This last full moon of 2015 will light the sky during this holiday season as a speculator symbol of the light that dissolves and transforms the darkness. You are inside the healing and transformation you need at this time.

Allow yourself to be embraced by the energy that is aligning your core expression into congruence for your own “Prosperity Prophecy” to be lived. I will be sharing the ritual of connection with my family at the end of Christmas Day where we will forgive and release the hardest most stubborn patterns that don’t serve us so that we may welcome the light of transcendence into our hearts and souls.

However, you share this time of ritual and connection… find time to give sacredness with allowing your spirit to live the transcendence that will embrace your new chapters ahead.

Happy Miraculous Holidays & the Fullness of Light!
Shine On ~

December Full Moon Intention

by Anne Ribley | 18 Minutes

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