December Dreams

Manifesting New Moon Ritual

~ December 11-12th ~

This will be the last new moon of the year. Set your intentions, prayers, dreams and wishes to what you want to manifest in the new year.

You can use this weekend to plant the soulful seeds of December Dreams for a powerful manifesting new year ahead. Book-end your year’s growth giving attention to your heart’s truest intentions.

Write it Right. Pen to paper (Antenna to God). Light your candle. The Manifesting New Moon Ritual is such a soulful ritual that it makes the true heart-desired manifestations magical for any age. 

This spiritual practice during the last new moon is one that our family loves to do during the holiday time of December to reflect on the year’s cycle of ending and beginning.

Give yourself the spiritual practice of ritualistic closure and the boosting energy of new beginnings with the Manifesting New Moon Ritual.

Reflect on where you were at the start of 2015 and where you are now. If you were to write a grateful letter to 2015, what would you say?

Dear 2015,
Thank you for gifts of growth in the following ways: Then list them.

Also, ask yourself what gifts of transformation you received this year.

Who or what was your greatest teacher or agent of growth for the year?

What break-thru(s) happened in 2015 that now surround you as you carry the new expanded energy it gave you?

What truth did you discover this year that has illuminated your life’s path with clearer, brighter intentions for your next steps?

Claim the energizing word you would like to embody more strongly for your life’s path in this upcoming new year.

Let your light shine ~


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