Last Full Moon of 2021 is here. December 18-19th is a transformational weekend for Miraculous Healing & Transformation.
Use this power weekend power for the Full Moon Ritual of release to give closure to 2021.
We are coming through an immense time of life-changing growth as a new era emerges.
Use the power of a release ritual during the full moon between now and the end of the year to put pen to paper, use the transformation of fire to let it go, and transform the energy into what is next.
What has this season of 2021 been for you? And how can you use this time to bring forward 2022, a year of new relationships. Newfound frontiers are here to expand in relationship toward everything.
Start by naming past season for completion. What has it been for you?
A season of dismantling?
A season of reckoning?
A season of re-structuring?
A season of finding the deeper meaning?
A season of accepting?
A season of discovering?
A season of letting go?
A season of holding space?
A season of discovering?
A season of new deep insights?
A season of waiting?
A season of uncertainty?
A season to stretch into the uncomfortable?
A season to stop something long standing?
A season to get up and start?
A season to step forward more boldly?
A season to end?
A season to begin?
Write a letter to 2021. Welcome the space for a season show up in 2022.
Focus for the Last Full Moon of 2021:
1. Claiming Completions. Close the energy of what is ready to be released, gone, and finished. Let the closure complete.
2. Finding Focus. Clear and completing will be rushing in a new focus. Finding your faith to hold true to the focus needed for the future is the present practice for the progress in 2022. What is ready to come into focus and brought forward for you?
3. Rooted in Purpose. Knowing your rooted purpose will serve all the ways your values, faith, and focus will lead you in 2022. Whatever can deplete, distract or drain you clear the space surrounding your soul for deeper roots to plant toward your purpose with focus and faith.
Rites of passage help carry us from one season to another, all of life works a beautiful rhythm of cycles/seasons. Let’s have season 2021 close the chapters needed for the new to have space to step forward.
May the Miraculous Full of Your Light Shine!
Shine on ~

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Solstice Soul Honoring Ceremony LIVE 2021

Solstice Soul Honoring Ceremony LIVE on 12-21-2021 tuning in and transforming how you can use the deep insights of this powerful transformative time to give completion to 2021 and open fully for 2022 the year of relationships. What relationship(s) is now in its time to transform forward. Fuel your faith, frequency, and focus to carry clear served intentions for your life to take shape in the new year.

us.png 6:00 pm PST (Los Angeles, CA)

 7:00 pm MST (Denver, CO)

 8:00 pm CST (Chicago, IL)

 9:00 pm EST (New York, NY)

au.png 1:00 pm Sydney, Australia (next day)

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