We are at the last new moon of 2018 as the Mercury Retrograde period ends. Ready for the relief? So many of us are ready to welcome the new. Especially since there has been those return visits of old wounds, patterns filled with major discomfort and disruption for much of 2018 for deep collapsing and clearing for something significantly new happening. It is time to welcome your new manifesting cycle ahead. The 7 simple steps ???New Moon Ritual.

Use this weekend to plant the soulful seeds of “December Dreams”.
Bookend your year’s growth by giving attention to the past year, so it may rest with clearing clarity. Next, plant December Dreams of what you really want to manifest and create in the new beginnings ahead.

Find some sacred time this weekend.
Write it Right. Pen to paper.
(Antenna to God/Source/Universe/Life.)

Light your candle. ?
(Activate the light of your intentions.)

Share this ritual with close ones if you can easily this weekend. It only takes 20-30 minutes, and it serves as an important energy carrier for the new year and cycle ahead.

Everyone wants to feel better. ♥️ Everyone wants a better life. It does something powerful. It lightens the energy inside and out in the world. Try it; children love it!

An important check-in question to ask yourself for this last Manifesting New Moon Cycle of 2018 is, “What do you want this new season and cycle to be for you?”.

What is life asking of you?
(Go inside and let truth speak.)

What are you asking of life?
(Be worthy and ready to receive.)

Name a new chapter you are ready to be in alignment with. What is your next chapter to claim?

Give yourself the spiritual practice of ritual for the closure and the boosting energy of new beginnings with the Manifesting New Moon Ritual and plant the seeds of December Dreams.

Reflect on where you were at the start of 2018 and where you are now. If you were to write a letter to honor the gifts of 2018, what would you say?

?Dear 2018,
Thank you for gifts of growth in the following ways: Lists the gifts.

Then, ask yourself what gifts of inner and outer transformation you have received in 2018? (There has been plenty of them on many levels.) Acknowledging them activates deeper alignment with your inner life and how it relates to your outer life.

Who or what was your greatest teacher or agent of growth for the year? In what ways are you embracing your growth?

What big breakthrough(s) happened in 2018 that now give you new energy to carry forward into a new chapter, a new cycle?

Name the one energy word or phrase you are claiming to surround you as you move forward.

What new insights and truths have you discovered this year that make your life’s path clearer and brighter for new inspiring intentions ahead?

What’s the new plan?

Let your light shine ~
You are the miracle seeking to shine in your life.?
Let it be.

December Moon 2018 Intention

by Anne Ribley | 20 Minutes

Worthiness is at the very heart of life.

Restore the connection to your inherent worthiness and experience your profound shift into sufficiency.  Let no barrier block you from claiming your divine birthright to be worthy.

Get the collection now and use the journal prompts for the moon ritual. 

With this collection, you can start with these simple practices of remembering what is already there for you and watch the miracle of your life to thrive in a new way as you stand with the posture of your divine birthright to flourish with your natural worthiness.