~ SUPER Full Moon Weekend ~ 

Boosting. Bursting. Breaking through. Use this power time of the last full moon of 2017 to give completion to what needs to be cleared for the upcoming new year. 5 easy steps to the Miraculous Full Moon Ritual.

Return and remember the nature of you during this natural synchronizing time of nature. Unpack the heaviness or darkness on your life’s path. Allow the light of the Super Full Moon, filled with amplifying energy, to be a source of healing and transformation for a whole new chapter, for a whole new you coming forward.

December Energy Focus for the Super Full Moon:

1. “Real” in Your Power. Collect it back. Don’t allow the victimization to continue on the big and small levels of your personal universe. Something real and true that is you and your true power is returning in a new deeper way. First, you are growing through your release of what hasn’t worked or what has held you back. Any life area or capacity that has been losing or leaking your power is calling you back to your core connection. Take some stillness for your ritual of release during the Super Full Moon, and let go of all the heavy emotional, karmic, and energetic entanglements of the past or present that are suppressing your soul.

2. Clearing Up the Karmic Dust/Clutter.  It has been stirring for all 2017. All the hidden karmic dust and clutter is being kicked into the air and will no longer be hiding away. Everyone is having to look at their path that needs clearing. Let your healing support step forward for you to clear your life’s path for the new chapters that want to be written in more sovereign terms. Release the entrapments that have kept you stuck in certain life areas because of pain, suffering, sabotage, trauma, hurt, conditioning and long-held wounds.

3. Facades/Fantasy/Falsehoods Falling Down. It is not by coincidence that we see power structures that have held false power collapsing. We are being asked to do the very same on our individual level. Where have you held onto a potential (fantasy) that isn’t proving to be a stable reality? What facades or falsehoods have you allowed to go on for too long with others and yourself? Let them fall. Fade away. This clearing is bringing a whole new story to be written for 2018.

Let this soul building time be your true guide.

Let this powerful weekend be a healing transformative time of release. Write it right. Antenna to God/Source/Universe your ritual of release for your renewal.

Let your light shine.

December SUPER Full Moon Intention

by Anne Ribley | 22 Minutes

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