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Manifesting Mantras

21 Day Experience

Worthiness | Prosperity | Money | Miracles

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What they say…

Annabella, Australia

I realized I was completely attached to trying to be perfect in all areas of life. This was a huge awakening for me. I started allowing myself to put me first, to listen to my soul, and to let “my best” be good enough. Working with Anne taught me that I have the ability to bring about any change that I desire - enjoyably and effortlessly.

Now I feel safe to shine my light out into the world and be me. 

Brenda R.

I started working with Anne because I was struggling with a lack of clarity around my business. But through the process of working on that, I realized how disconnected I truly was from my soul’s desires. My biggest shift in thinking was realizing that I am worthy of being seen and heard - and now I feel more connected to my greatness!

This journey has been the most significant work that I have done, EVER.


What an empowering journey!!! After all the self-help spiritual work I have done over the last 25 years, nothing really touched the depth of self-forgiveness and how it relates to manifesting in the way this 6 week journey did for me.

It gave me the powerful enlightenment to what it means to be truly forgiving to myself! The layers keep revealing and healing.

I feel light and free. It has given me such clarity of purpose!  

Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful light with the world Anne!

Lindsey G.

Working through the Soul Stamina Plan, I had an epiphany and realized I needed to claim my worldly worth. I was living in Norway with the dream travel life, but also feeling undervalued by my employer and out of money.

So I took a crazy bold risk and put together a business case requesting a 40K raise that was due and made the decision that if they couldn’t pay me what I was worth, then I would give up my international travel and move home. They couldn’t pay me the raise that had been promised, so I quit my job with no backup plan and moved back to the states.

Claiming my worth paid off, because within two weeks, I got a new job that pays what I was asking for from my previous company.

Miracles happen, thank you Anne, thank you universe! Claim your worth!

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