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 Divine stability is the supporting truth… I now call upon.

In light of the recent events globally and changes happening personally for many around the world, let’s use this week to call upon the highest stabilizing power available… Divine stability.

Let’s connect with the collective energy for anyone that is in any predicament or situation that needs transforming healing stabilization or restoration…

Call it forth… repeat the mantra words… “Divine Stability”… over and over in the light of any situation you would like stabilized and for those in need as well.

Divine Stability Mantra

by Anne Ribley | 15 Minutes

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Popular Monday Mantra

MONDAY MANTRA: That which supports me BOLDLY steps forward… That which doesn’t GRACEFULLY steps down… This is by far, absolutely one of the most powerful mantras that I have ever personally used or shared. Miraculous synchronization shapes exactly what you need so you can shift deeper into trust and let go to life’s flow. Most importantly, you can ask… for LIFE to BOLDLY step forward with what you need in areas you aren’t sure exactly the way. Ask…. for the support to BOLDLY step forward to give you — no doubt — the support meant for you. #mondaymantra

Holding Sacred Space Meditation

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Holding Sacred Space Meditation

by Anne Ribley | 35 Minutes

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