My faith & focus is my foundation.

As many competing narratives and real external energies are competing for your faith and focus on the world at large. Each other. Our humanity. We can use our power of focus and faith for the world we want to be living in.

Let us remember the power we hold in letting the foundation of our faith and focus flourish with how we are showing up. Today. Let all falsehoods from wherever they are coming from fall flat. Let faith and focus be the light of life’s foundational truths.

May we grow stronger with light and illumination for the path ahead that each and every one of us is co-creating. Our power of attention and focus matters. Let the truth of our foundational faith be the light upon the path ahead. Use this mantra to put the foundation of your faith into focus. For each other. With each other. And life.

Let your focus and faith be the foundation for our path ahead.

Namaste, Anne

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