It’s time to shine.
A cycle of success is here. What are you ready to step into it?.
(5 easy steps to the Miraculous Full Moon Ritual.)
Venus and Mars are forming an exact conjunct (union) on the full moon which is a rare occurrence and will remain for a few weeks following the full moon. The masculine and feminine energies within all of us will come more into harmony and union. Staying in tune with the 2022 theme of the year of relationships. Full Moons bring balancing energy where it is more needed for authentic alignment with the inner and outer worlds. This particular full moon highlights the inner energies to heal the outer energies.
February’s Energy Focus for the Full Moon:
1. CLARITY. What you want now is coming through with clarity as you definitely know now what you don’t want anymore. All the polarizing opposite in experiences, life patterns, circumstances are catalyzing a clarity to carry a new frequency of freedom, future choices, and new creations. Be inside the clarity coming through for you now.
2. CLEARING. Clear all that no longer serves, supports, or needs to be carried. What has been your containment field? Where have you held back? Let it be cleared and dropped for the new upper realm ready for your breakthrough, your own upper glass ceiling. Clear. Let go. Release. Shine tall and bright.
3. CLAIMING. What’s wild and beyond for you that needs to be claimed? Beyond what has gone before in your life? Recognize your worthiness to claim and receive with unwavering ease what is emerging for you. Name the clearing and claim the clarity of your Full Moon Intentions. Write it right - Pen to Paper (Antenna to God, Universe, Life, Source, Universal Loving Presence) A power shift is happening right now and bursting with new beginnings.
Sit in sacred space with your true self.
Create your miraculous transformational ritual with the full moon.
You are worthy to shine.
You are worthy to be great.
Surrender to the Supreme Greatness of God in you.
It’s time to shine.
Shine on~

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