Let your light shine on the heart of what matters for your meaningful momentum in this opening to a new manifesting cycle. 

We are in a powerful time of new beginnings. We are moving from the mind of thoughts to the heart of matters. What has been whirling and swirling inside your mind? Sow the seeds of new dreams and intentions that are ready to be brought forward from the heart of what matters.

Now is the time to let your heart speak to your mind and get in sync with the dreams ahead.

A fresh new beginning starts right now.

Seasons, rhythms, cycles, and timing are the natural movements of rituals that carry us. You can use this time to get in sync with the nature of your heart matters, with the seeds of your dreams that want to be clarified and brought to light.

February Focus for the Solar Eclipse New Moon:

1. HEART MATTERS. What are the heart matters that need to be brought forward? Where do you need more courage? What manifesting intentions need your courage to activate into life?

2. HONORING YOU. Taking the time to hold space around matters of the heart. Tuning into what you really want to be in whatever life area you are seeking a deeper alignment into.

3. PRESENT YOUR POWER TO THE WORLD. The solar eclipse new moon energy is opening up the time to pull out our personal power with clarity to create a more heart-filled reality. You can create meaningful momentum for manifesting.

Let your heart matters speak.
Write it right (Antenna to God/Universe/Source).
Light your candle.

Use the manifesting new moon ritual to accelerate dreams into reality.
Give your intentions the warmth of light.
Shine on ~

February New Moon + Solar Eclipse Transformational Energy

by Anne Ribley | 15 Minutes

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Courageous Confidence Mantra Meditation
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Courageous Confidence Mantra Meditation

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