Highly sensitive, heightened releasing cycle is here with 3 consecutive Super Full Moons for February, March, and April. The miraculous power of the full moon ritual can be a carrier for you to claim your power.

The dark hidden realms needing a healing release have been surfacing from the dark and into the light. If we embrace the growth and don’t deny it, fear it, or avoid it, the growth that wants to expand us in a truthful way will increase our self-honor. This releasing time is about deepening the honoring of self in a profound way and with others.


1. CLEARING THE CONFLICT. You are ready to clear what hasn’t been working, what is definitely NOT working and what is really DONE for you. Name it. Tame it. Let it go. Claiming what is yours with an open-hearted courage is the new revolution of you coming true. You are clearer than ever about it.

2. IDENTIFYING TRUE LIFE INTENTIONS. Breaking down and dismantling the old ways of pain deep programming and pain embedded subconsciously that hasn’t been working are releasing. This supermoon awakens more fully into conscious awareness of what has been hidden and running with past programs. With more awareness and clarity your true life intentions are coming forward to create what is yours to claim with your future.

3. FEELINGS OF FAITH FORWARD. New touch-points for your feelings are emerging. Whatever has been conflicted, displaced or confusing with your feelings is dissolving into your true newfound faith with your own true feelings. How you feel about yourself, the world, your life and what is next. Your feelings are the frequency of faith that radiates into your life. Congruence with your heartfelt feelings amplifies your true life intentions forward.

Use this boosting supermoon time to create your ritual of release and give yourself the answers ready to be lived into your life with clear, pure, straightforward inspired (not contrived/forced) intentions.

Let your soul speak. Synchronize what’s true for you.
✍️🗒Pen to paper. (Antenna to God, Source, Universe) there is rich power for you in this act.
Let it go.
And let the revolution of your most real self breathe into life.
Shine on

~ Anne

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Heart Centered Meditation for Healing & Transformation

by Anne Ribley | 15 Minutes

Creating Sacred Space for Rituals

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