Your connection is your protection in changes ahead.
Use this sacred power weekend to tune in and align with what is ready to activate for you.
Give yourself the space to tune in. The intensity of what is stirring in every direction is call for truth-telling alignment to activate.
August Full Moon Energy Focus:
1. Truth-Telling: What is being revealed in blocks that needs clearing of truth-telling. Begin within yourself, let it out, let it go, and get in touch with the truth-filled transformation ready for you.
What shells/layers of suppression do you need to let go of?
What do you need to claim in change?
What do you need to allow in?
2. Shift Stirring: Let your moment of sacred connection communicate with your deep-down truth of what you want to clear for new creations to come through. Life is shifting and stirring in all directions on all levels for clearing a shift. Pains, hurts, and energetic entanglements that have been presenting in your life recently are calling a shift forward. Lift the burden, clear the block to open up space for change..
3. Claim Change: Tune into your feeling and emotional body and let the truth speak, shine, and be heard. Weed out toxic emotions and stuck points. Unhook unhealthy patterns. Do the spiritual housekeeping around the soil of your soul.
What new commitments do you need to make to claim your change?

Write it right. Pen to paper. (antenna to God/Source/Life).
Create your ritual of release and clear the space for the change to be claimed.
Claim the change.
Shine on ~

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