Hawaii Writers Retreat April 2019

Wild & Wise: Women Write in Hawaii

Retreat with Anne Ribley and Dawn Marie Jordan

April 8-15, 2019

Hilo, Hawaii


Wild & Wise: Women Write in Hawaii is a tropical writer’s retreat on the beautiful Big Island of Hawaii.

We invite you to take time out, relax, and immerse yourself into the body of your writing. As your guides, we will show you how to summon the words of your authentic power, your realest voice, your wildest wonders, and your wise heart.

Experience the beauty and comfort of our two historic retreat homes in Hilo, a charming seaside town on the Big Island of Hawaii. This retreat is for all writers, poets, playwrights, screenwriters, comedians, spoken wordsmiths, lyricists, songwriters, and bloggers, e-course and content creators. You’ll leave feeling strong, accomplished, recharged and renewed. We hope you make new friends, too!

All accommodations, activities and meals are included.

See you in paradise!


Healthy, wholesome food. VG + GF options.

Daily movement and active meditation classes.

Soaking in mineral pools, black sand beaches, and a hula lesson!

A full 90 minute BodyWisdom Massage with Dawn.

Lots of free time to think, write, breathe in inspiration & unwind.



 7 nights accommodation. Private bedroom in a historic mansion on the Wailuku River.

7 morning active meditation classes. Dawn will lead you through BodyWisdom exercises that help you stay connected to the soul of your writing, your authentic voice.

7 evening movement practices to integrate your day’s writing unwind the body and open to dreamtime.

Writing classes. Inspiring prompts with Anne and Dawn every day followed by 4 hours of independent writing time so you can dive deep into your project.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner every day. Wholesome, tasty food, including plenty of vegetarian and gluten-free options.

Island Adventures. Beach trip. Farmer’s Market. Hula lesson with a legendary local teacher. Soaking in mineral pools.

Airport pick-up, drop-off, and transportation around the island. No need to rent a car. We’ll swing by and whisk you everywhere you need to be.

Dawn’s signature 90 minute BodyWisdom Massage to align body, heart and soul.

Thoughtful Touches. BodyWisdom bath salts to soak your muscles at the end of the day. A deck of Anne’s Mantra Monday cards for you to take home. Fresh flowers by your bed. Postcards and stamps to mail a note back home. Lots of love and laughter!

Magic Momentum Support: 6 weeks of coaching after the retreat ends. Keep the magic of your momentum and flow going when you return to your regular routine. There will be weekly check-ins led by Anne or Dawn so you get feedback and encouragement. We ease you into your new home writing routine so you find a fresh new rhythm, your new rhyme.

This retreat costs  $3800 to $4950 depending on which bedroom you choose.

To reserve your room, please click here.


Monday April 8, 2019. Arrive @ Hilo International Airport (ITO) on the Big Island of Hawaii, whenever you want (flexible check in time). We will arrange to pick you up. You will be escorted to the retreat location where you may choose to unpack, sip some chilled coconut water, settle into the house or take a walk to begin to connect to the land and your muse… or pull a Mantra Monday card for inspiration!

Monday April 9 - Monday April 15, 2019.  Writing classes, Dawn’s BodyWisdom active meditations, transformational bodywork and island activities to stoke your creativity.

Monday April 15, 2019. Pack up and leave whenever you want (flexible check-out time). We send you off with big hugs and some BodyWisdom moves and grooves to keep you comfortable and creatively aligned for the trip home. 


As an accomplished writer and business entrepreneur, Anne Ribley aims to inspire transformation for those seeking to live an empowered life.

By her early twenties, Anne was writing and publishing her own health and lifestyle newspaper that attracted a paid annual circulation of over a million readers. This publication owes its 18 years of success to her unique voice and understanding of well-being, a wholesome lifestyle, and how the health with the body, mind and soul translates to an equally healthy outward life.

Anne is currently working on multiple creative endeavors designed to help others empower “soul stamina” which is the core teachings for her course the Soul Stamina Plan journey. Other ventures for Anne include writing books, movies, and multi-media inspiration and transformational products.

Anne was a co-host on the Empower11 Show on iHeart Radio where the conversation explored how to balance your inside health and wellbeing with your outside life.  Topics include love, purpose, wealth, health and relationships.

Enriching the lives of others has always been one of Anne’s passions. She is thrilled to be part of a growing number of global creative movements that help others live a soul-inspired life.

Dawn Marie Jordan has been healing bodies, hearts and minds with her bare hands for 35 years. She left an academic  career when she discovered the transformational power of human touch while doing research as a Fulbright Fellow in Brazil.

Somatic Educator and Transformational Massage Therapist, Dawn is the creator of The BodyWisdom Way, a system of body awareness skills that improve communication between the body, the heart and the brain. She delivers BodyWisdom as customized wellness workshops, keynotes and individual sessions to universities, colleges and public school systems, businesses, startups, government agencies, non-profits and thousands of individuals.

Dawn helps entrepreneurs, artists, intellectuals, massage and bodyworkers, physical trainers, body-centered psychotherapists, social workers, medical researchers, scientists, mental health professionals, practitioners, healers and whole health advocates find new solutions to old problems by teaching them to move in new ways.

She supports the Consciousness Network Community in Santa Barbara, California, a group of entrepreneurs committed to growing conscious businesses capable of transforming the way the world does business.

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Please don’t register unless you are fully committed to be there because of the small intimate nature of the program. If you’re cancelling because you’re dealing with a serious illness/medical crisis, we can transfer you into another retreat (if there’s space),  or possibly switch you into private coaching with Dawn or Anne, or figure out some other arrangement that works for you.We will NOT be able to offer a refund for any other reason. This is a firm policy. Please be certain of your commitment to be there.

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You’ll get a response in 1-2 days.

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Dawn is wonderfully intuitive about the body and what it needs to heal and feel whole. I highly recommend her as a bodyworker. She is gifted, personable, generous and knows how to free the body’s energy. She is a great asset to her field.  

~ Kathy G.

Through her skill in deep massage, insight into the chakras and wonderful humor Dawn guided me to higher levels of performance and connection. Truly a joy-filled experience! ~ Kathleen K.

I realized I was completely attached to trying to be perfect in all areas of life. This was a huge awakening for me. I started allowing myself to put me first, to listen to my soul, and to let “my best” be good enough. Working with Anne taught me that I have the ability to bring about any change that I desire - enjoyably and effortlessly. Now I feel safe to shine my light out into the world and be me.

~ Annabella

I started working with Anne because I was struggling with a lack of clarity around my business. But through the process of working on that, I realized how disconnected I truly was from my soul’s desires. My biggest shift in thinking was realizing that I am worthy of being seen and heard - and now I feel more connected to my greatness! This journey has been the most significant work that I have done, EVER.

~ Brenda R.

What an empowering journey!!! After all the self-help spiritual work I have done over the last 25 years, nothing really touched the depth of self-forgiveness and how it relates to manifesting in the way this 6 week journey did for me. It gave me the powerful enlightenment to what it means to be truly forgiving to myself! The layers keep revealing and healing. I feel light and free. It has given me such clarity of purpose!  Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful light with the world, Anne!

~ Charlene

Bring your unfinished writing project or a blank notebook to create something fresh!