The Heart of Your Honesty - Heals and Renews You!

What is truth?

What is honesty?

How we use these powerful aspects of processing life determines so much of our happiness. Honesty is the building block for good self-respect and healthy relationships. Perceptions can get clouded by fear, ego or our own lack of ability to look at certain areas of life. Misconceptions with honesty can be devastating to our own well being.

Join me as we explore turning up the power of honesty

and create more life happiness in the latest Empower11 Radio Show.

“See the false as false, the true as true. Look into your heart. Follow your nature.”

Have you struggled with saying “no” at times when you really needed to but it felt difficult. I know I have. It took me time to learn the power of congruence with the “Yes” and “No” aspects of my life. I do think that those of us who are natural givers can really wrestle with saying no at times. I have come to learn and often share that we should say a “yes”… when it is a yes… and a “no”… when it is a no. It is really that simple, however not always easy to pull off in practical terms of life.

Our ability to be congruent with those simple directives of “yes” and “no” impacts the quality of our lives so much. We can think back to a time when we struggled or had a hardship in some capacity and most likely we didn’t exercise saying “no” like we “know” we should have. Here is a great book recently released by Hay House that is on sale right now for $1.99 for the kindle version. Highly recommend this book for anyone needing to strengthen the clarity of choices with the power of a “yes” or a “no”.

Just know that our abilities to say yes and no is in direct relationship with our giving and receiving of life. You are worthy to receive and give with complete congruence with what is in the honesty of your heart!

Heart Smiles


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