My heart moves to the front of the line.

Here is your reminding mantra that no matter who or what wants to cut the line and take over your day or move into your energy way. You are clear, your heart has moved to the front of the line.

Your inner knowing is a heart wisdom whisperer of truth. Most often, the head, people pleasing, worries and fears stand before the heart. Use this mantra to re-calibrate choices you make and the priority flow for the day and week.

Your heart is a beautiful miracle of powerful intelligence, always there with perfect synchronizing rhythm of giving and receiving. Your heart radiates an energy field that can felt all around you. Let your heart radiance shine forward at the front of the line.

If we allow too many other parts of life to pile in front of our very own hearts. We can get buried beneath pushing agendas coming in and at us from all over.

Speak your power position into being with this mantra. It’s essential for bringing #dreamsalive in 2020. Let your heart lead. Shift with your real power. Can be highly scary and vulnerable however, it’s where all that matters — lives.

Place your hand over your heart {{big deep breath}} and say my heart moves to the front of the line. Let that be the new order of the day.
With heart smiles,

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