Authenticity Mantra

Authenticity is the fresh air… I breathe today!

Authenticity is fresh air from your soul. It fuels you with life. If you deny your authenticity you will feel yourself shrinking and becoming small. Authenticity lets you soulfully (so fully) expand.

You need your genuine power to be fueled with acts of authenticity to fuel your inspiration. Be full-on in your presence. Let your personal authenticity activate stronger. Strengthen your authentic expression.

Authenticity is allowing yourself to be the author of your life, your power, and your presence!

Breathe it, feel it, be it… in each moment with all you do, today and for the week.

Energize your expression with the fresh air of your authenticity!

Let it rise.

Miracle Today Mantra

MANTRA: I am open to the miracle of today. There is always a beautiful solution ready to present. What we need… when we need it. Let Mondays lead your week in miraculous ways. Start with today and claim the miracle you are open to receive.
What if every Monday morning before you got out of bed you repeated the mantra… I am open to the miracle of today. How would that energize your week? This mantra is easy and simple enough to remember. Let it marinate into your Mondays as a ritual to empower miracles for you.
We need a miracle mindset now more than ever. Calling in the greater consciousness with spiritually expanded solutions beyond the current lower energies circulating out of fear and disconnection. Everyday nature wakes to the intrinsic miracle of today to unfold. We can align to the same connection that is miraculous in nature that is already natural to us.
I am open to the miracle of today!

Leap With Love Lead With Confidence Mantra

I leap with love… I lead with courageous confidence.

The pure love that is uncensored will spring forth your outrageous and courageous confidence.

The kind of alive confidence that does not come from the head.

You have it in you now.

Leap with love toward your life today and courageous confidence will follow.

It is not something you have to make happen from you. It is a power and life force that will come through you as you leap with love.

Shine on with leaping love and courageous confidence.

Alive with confidence, you rise.

Shine in Divine Light Mantra

You don’t have to try so hard. You don’t have to strive so hard. You don’t need permission. You are worthy to shine because you are connected to the greater truth by Divine right.
You have your answer by Divine truth setting into motion your radiance to shine. You are a spark of Divine creation connected to the truth of today. Reach for it. Open to it.
Start your morning with this powerful intention. Today, I shine in the Divine truth of today. And that truth holds magic, power, and miracles for you.
Shine on –

Receive Empowering Directional Mantra

Today, I receive what is healthy, right and empowering for me. Honor you. Honor your essential self that is always guiding you in the right direction. Fully allow yourself to receive what is right for you. Allow yourself to do what is healthy for you. Choose what is empowering (in-power) for you.
There is a benevolent power that is moving your life’s destiny with your own natural synchronicity. Today, trust your journey more fully. Today, receive what’s yours more openly. Today, allow yourself to be empowered with what brings you deeper into your power.
Use this mantra as a guiding power direction for your week.
Today, I receive what is healthy, right and empowering for me.

Live Your Abundance Mantra

I am living inside the abundance that surrounds and is all around! You are standing inside an abundant universe. Nature speaks her blessings and bounty of abundance as a reminder of her thriving process. You are included in the natural supporting, surrounding abundance of life.

Attune to your abundance. Affirm your abundance. Speak the mantra of abundance…. I am living inside the abundance that surrounds and is all around.

We do not live in a withholding universe. We live inside an abundant source. Step outside of the scarcity perceptions and inside authentic truth of your abundant birthright to thrive. Carrying this mantra message into your week… I am living inside the abundance that surrounds and is all around.

Divine Synchronicity Mantra

I want you to think of three important aspects of your life that needs more answers… actions… or clarity to come forth. Call on the DIVINE synchronicity to show up for you.

Live into what is needed with ease and grace by asking for the DIVINE synchronicity to step forward. Take comfort in this “knowing” that something very specific for what is right for you at this right time is sliding into place.

Write down your three important areas sometime today… and then let your week unfold with a free flow for the right one to step forward first. Simply repeat the “DIVINE synchronicity” when the mind wants to attach to immediate answers. A DIVINE movement of synchronistic events will step toward you as you liberate your intentions!

Courage Prosperous Mantra

My courage leads me into PROSPEROUS Possibilities! There is a place we can pull from for our courage and it doesn’t have to feel so hard. Speak to your courage today, it’s already in you ready to be a bit bolder, stronger and ready to EXPAND, one step at a time!

Find your one step of courage to take and let it lead your week toward prosperous possibilities! You are worthy of prosperous possibilities let the innate courage in you lead you!

Soul Strength Mantra

Today, I touch the strength of my soul. I live in confidence for LIFE to conspire with me! It’s all around you. Touch it… feel it… it’s the very thing you are… soul strength! You have it. You are it. Let your power and peace settle together as you continue to remember you are soul strength and all of life conspires with you from that place.
Your real confidence resides from the strength of your soul and no one or nothing can take it away from you. Speak up and step forward with confidence, let life conspire with you as the strength of your soul empowers your every move for a beautiful week.
Shine on with soul strength.