Today, I reflect on the actual birth day of my youngest child. I can’t help but feel a deeply moving gratitude for all those mothers who have inspired me along the way with their unwavering tenacity to protect, honesty in guiding their children, “knowing” to mother, giving in times where true unselfish strength is needed, and pure downright inspiration to do the right thing in the best interest of our children.

As mothers, we give up parts of our bodies that we never get back to give children to the world. We give up our time that we never get back. However, the greatest gift we give up to our children is that deeper sense of love, the holiest part of ourselves to give wholeness to this child with the best of our intentions as they grow up.

Letting our children know…

You matter.

You are loved.

Mistakes are part of finding your way.

And yes, you are still loved in that process.

You are special, way special, matter of fact, I am enamoured by your specialness.

Someone in this world has your back.

You are a gift, filled with gifts, so talented in all your unique quirky ways that make you… “You”.

I will always be your best cheerleader to embrace those special parts of you.

Continue being that “YOU” and not someone else because it is way cooler to be who you are.

You fill my heart in ways nothing else in life does.

And most importantly, I am a better person because of mothering you.

Deep gratitude to all you mothers who have…

truly inspired me be the best I can be!




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