You are WORTHY of the BEST!

Dear Sweet Child – Do you know who you are? You were created in all the worthiness of the highest LOVE. Only the best for you. You were created in your own unique perfection. Yes, perfection. There is a life waiting… your discovery. There is love waiting… your discovery. Keep following your highest light, it is your North Star. Always, remember how worthy you are!

Today – I Am ….

Today - I am… Today - I am feeling stronger than ever… Today - I am feeling clearer than ever… Today - I am making a run for it! Today - I trust the perfection! Today - I know a miracle is happening… Today - I am inspired with original ideas! Today - I am safe and protected! Today - I am grateful…I am empowered from the highest place of truth inside me. Today - I am victorious and triumphant in my endeavors! Today - I give my best…and it is good…really good! Today - I speak loving to all I encounter because what I have to give is love… Today - I am sharp in mind… soft in heart…. Today - I hold my whole life up to the highest light and know…I am untouchable to the dark… Today - I do what life asks of me. Today - I know… Today - I am...
Rich Resonating Energy Mantra for Prosperity

Rich Resonating Energy Mantra for Prosperity

#MONDAYMANTRA: A powerful 1-11 mantra to work with for this power time. Let yourself be surrounded, supported and infused with the rich resonating energy that embraces miraculous transforming abundance.

Begin your week by stepping out of any kind of complaining patterns. This one commitment will naturally help you rise and resonate with a lighter, freer state of being that leads to life richness. Make a commitment of no complaining, zero, for the week and you will naturally experience an inspiring energy embracing you.