You are WORTHY of the BEST!

Dear Sweet Child – Do you know who you are? You were created in all the worthiness of the highest LOVE. Only the best for you. You were created in your own unique perfection. Yes, perfection. There is a life waiting… your discovery. There is love waiting… your discovery. Keep following your highest light, it is your North Star. Always, remember how worthy you are!

Today – I Am ….

Today - I am… Today - I am feeling stronger than ever… Today - I am feeling clearer than ever… Today - I am making a run for it! Today - I trust the perfection! Today - I know a miracle is happening… Today - I am inspired with original ideas! Today - I am safe and protected! Today - I am grateful…I am empowered from the highest place of truth inside me. Today - I am victorious and triumphant in my endeavors! Today - I give my best…and it is good…really good! Today - I speak loving to all I encounter because what I have to give is love… Today - I am sharp in mind… soft in heart…. Today - I hold my whole life up to the highest light and know…I am untouchable to the dark… Today - I do what life asks of me. Today - I know… Today - I am...
Yes Mantra

Yes Mantra

I am BLESSED in my YES. All your power is connected to your real mighty YES. Your true congruent yes, stamped with what feels authentic and genuine. Not an automated yes that comes from avoiding conflict or people-pleasing that contorts you into a compromised version of yourself.   Every time you don’t honor your true yes, you deplete your body of the internal integrity to be in healthy harmony. A big price in health or emotional ease is paid.   The yes full of power residing deep within, connected to real clarity. It’s the YES that is mighty. A mighty YES of power because it all holds all the power of the source that radiates from your soul, your direct divine connection of karmic right action.   Intentions, manifesting desires, agreements, connections, and commitments are BLESSED when they are in the truly honored YES that is your YES.   Let this mantra ring the loudest bell to resonant all over you. I am blessed in my YES…. Feel the power in it. You are blessed in your YES. Trust in it. Namaste, Anne Make a screenshot of this mantra with your phone, use it as your unlocking screen. Repeat it to yourself every time you see ion your phone. Let it live deeper in you. Let it be proclaimed in your life’s focus right now. #MondayMantra #MantrasMatter #BlessedYesMantra ~~~~~~~~~ SUPER NEW MOON COMING UP THIS WEEK ~~~~~~~~~~ Remarkable Souls is a podcast show sharing insights, inspiration & interviews. Subscribe on iTunes or Spotify to get all the latest episodes: 7 Easy Steps of How to Do A New Moon...