First new moon of 2017

~ January 27th ~

Manifesting New Moon - It’s time to bring light to intentions, hopes and dreams. Bring the light of presence to what you want to intend into your present life! ( New Moon Ritual )

Use the power of this weekend to invite the spark of light for the inner alignment of your dreams. Shift open your dreams. 

Significant cycles of change have been stirring and shaking up patterns. We are at an important crossroads of change. Clarity of intention holds real power to impact the new manifesting changes that are ready to evolve next both on a very personal and a global level for each of us. 

This is your moment. This is your time to release anything that has been part of an unfair narrative you are unshackling. Let it go. Release it. Whatever has been surrounding you in blame and pain is dissolving in the light of your dreams. Finding your way to this moment has led to your time to claim victory. You are ready. Your journey is opening in powerful miraculous ways. Prepare your readiness for a major upgrade/expansion. 

Get very clear on what LIFE is asking you to become. What do you want to become and manifest in the time ahead in 2017?

January New Moon Focus:

1. Settling the Unsettling Stirring Inside. You know that unsettling stirring inside of you that has been nudging at you? Be ready to expand. Be ready to explore. Be ready to be your dream. We are in an immense time of rapid expansion for what you need to settle and solidify into manifesting form. First, identify the unsettling stirring that feels unfavorable and lacking in core connection. Name the opposite of that unsettling stirring of energizing, manifesting intention ready to be born.

2. What manifesting intentions do you deeply desire at your core connection? It’s time to name them and claim them. Your life is a journey, a sojourn of your soul’s expansion for what’s next. Yield to the core connection calling to you. Go in deep to listen. Hear it. Surrender to the known truth speaking to you for connection and deepening. 

3. Create the stamina you seek at this time. Come in close. This connection calls to you. It has secrets to tell and dreams to be heard. Sacred messages matter. Results are ready to become reality. Transformations are ripe to be lived. Healings to be honored. Write it right (pen to paper) antenna to God/Creator/Source. Activate the light of what is now ripe to become something solid in this new year ahead. 

Solidify and anchor/ground the seeds of your dreams with an energizing word/phrase for lighting your candle during your personal Manifesting New Moon Ritual for 2017. 

Set your manifesting intentions free. 
Make space for the light of your dreams to shine. 
Activate your dreams.
Light your candle. Speak “BeCome”.
Let your manifesting intentions shine.
Shine on ~

January 2017 New Moon Intention Audio

by Anne Ribley | 15 Minutes