Full Moon 2015

Happy Miraculous Full Moon Ritual

~ January 4th 2015 ~

Empower a Happy New You Revolution.

Let the Fullness of Your Dreams Shine On! 

The new year starts with many resolutions and aspirations toward new hopes and dreams… Embrace a Happy New You Revolution! 

The natural movement of the moon is nature’s wonderful access to synchronizing with the nature of YOU pulling at your soul’s direction for dreams, peace, healing and transformation. The same as the movement of the moon pulls at the ocean tides. We also feel the pulling of potent energy magnified during the alignment of the full moon. We can use these times of the full or new moon each month with sacred stillness, prayer, ceremony and ritual to bring truthful transition to new phases of life’s chapters.

These monthly rituals we can use throughout the whole year to bring forth blessings, healing, transformation and powerful manifesting with intentions. It works for any age and any culture — so beautiful!

Words from Elizabeth Gilbert {author, Eat, Pray, Love} “I’ve talked many times about the importance of ceremony and ritual, in order to mark the most critical transitions of our personal stories. Ceremonies are intended to carry you safely through your changes (happy or sad, welcome or tragic) and to make sure that you don’t get lost between one chapter of your life and the next. If you skip the ceremony, sometimes it’s difficult to safely process the transformation.”

Synchronize with the movement of your own life. Let the fullness of your dreams shine on! Empower a happy new you revolution!

Big love to you my beautiful friends on the inspiration trail of life.
Inspire the fire of your dreams!

Empower Happy New You Revolution Teleseminar REPLAY

by Anne Ribley | 1 Hour 15 Minutes

On the Teleseminar You Will Learn:

How to identify the largest energy drain that not ONLY sabotages New Year’s Resolutions but could be undermining the happiness surrounding your life.

+ Plus how to use the upcoming Miraculous Full Moon Ritual to release, heal and let go of harmful energy drains you don’t want to carry forward in 2015.

How to use the power of monthly moon rituals to re-affirm inspiring intentions ready to emerge for you in 2015.

~ Break through previous barriers that have held you back
~ Find your extreme clarity to activate more self-honoring
~ Get into your own best flow
~ Live into your 2015 dreams with ease and grace
~ Manifest with momentum what matters to you
~ Synchronize with your natural cycle of flow 
~ Embody your dreams with clear intentions



NOW accepting registration for 50 spots begins week of January 18th, 2015. 

Super-Charge Your Manifestations for 2015!

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