The first full moon of 2022 is happening in Mercury Retrograde for the deep releasing, renewing, and restoring needed for the 2022 transformations coming through. While Mercury Retrograde is slowing down the start of the new year momentum, a profound transformation is stirring for 2022. 
First Full Moon of 2022 in MERCURY RETROGRADE:
1. RELEASING. The old that has been collapsing… and will continue to clear an opening for the renewal needed. A deep power release has been unraveling. You feel it. You experienced it. You know it. Now you surrender the release to receive what’s new for you.
2. RENEWING. As you allow the past to clear. Complete. Close down and collapse. And come to the end. The renewal is shaping the new story you are revealing ahead. 
3. RESTORING. With the first full moon of 2022 coming in with Mercury Retrograde. RE-STORYING is the new path forward to RESTORING of what has been lost, missing, dismantled, or disconnected. What is the new story taking shape to restore of new you in a new way?
Write it right. Pen to paper. (antenna to God/Source).
Create your ritual of release and bring your worthiness into the light for you. Create your 2022 year with your Divine Dignity of Worthiness.
My season/cycle of 2022 is ________.
I am deeply worthy and deserving to be ___________.
My 2022 connection energy word is _______.
You have the power to shine. Unleash the fullness ready to shine and soar like never before.
Shine On ~
Anne ~

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