We are coming into a super-charging time with the amplifying aligning boost of the super new moon (1st of 3 to come). Name and claim with your Manifesting New Moon Ritual.

A black moon is two new moons in the same month, however this one will be a boosting supermoon of energy. The double eclipses and retrograde period brought us to a roaring rush to express our heart guided truths. While the intensity of the past month may have been fierce with the chaotic waves of change for most of us. Trust in the old expired energy patterns that needed to shift that are shaking loose their grip.

We are being softened from the rigidity of the past, allowing new intentions to emerge. Lots of purging and clearing has demanded each of us to make space for new dreams.

Taking time to get clear on your manifesting intentions will be essential for the energy to release into the new.

Black Supermoon Focus:

1. Activating the Authentic.
Everything about what is real and genuine to your heart has been coming to the surface from deep inside. You are craving the honesty and authenticity of your life’s expression in all areas. No compromise or fragmented distortions. You desire the real deal. You are becoming more of true expression on every level.

2. Turning Toward Your Heart’s Flame.
No more covering, denying, hiding from yourself or your true heart’s mighty flame that is ready to express and be true to you. A new found confidence is coming through in you. Showing up to your truest self and how that expresses within your heart guided dreams is what you are turning towards.

Run with love to what your heart ♥️ pulls you toward.

3. Letting Your Dreams Dominate. 
You are at a time where you can fall in love with your life again, if you take the time to claim the new direction for your dreams to dominate. The hidden driving forces of depletion, scarcity, lack and desperation are dismantling however, it’s time to give reverence to your dreams. Let the new dominion of your awareness and attention be aimed at your dreams. Your inspiring energy resides in them.

It’s time to name it and claim it because the surge of super-charged energy expansion is here for you. Write it right (pen to paper — antenna to God/Source/Universe) ✍️ with the sacred act of intention, and bring to the light that which is ready to emerge and expand into your life. 
You are worthy of your dreams.
You are worthy to shine in your life.
You are worthy to let your dreams be heard with a unwavering roar!


Shine On ~

Enhancement Ritual Process

  • 7 Steps to Manifesting New Moon Ritual Here.
  • Drop down below worldly noise and activate your dreams with clarity.
  • Open to the inner for your Miraculous Possibilities and Quantum Leap.
  • Create your sacred space.
  • Sit for 11 minutes allowing the light of possibility to enter the top of you and illuminating through you and shining inspiration within your heart. 
  • Begin your Manifesting Intentions  — pen to paper — Antenna to Creation - using the Empower11 Way.

Preview of the Courageous Confidence Meditation

by Anne Ribley | 30 Minutes