~ June 9th ~

Full Moon 

A powerful boosting energy weekend to invite healing and transformation deeper into your life. Create Your Miraculous Full Moon Ritual.

We are all required to expand. We can either embrace the expansion/growth or avoid the call. Everyday events both big and small can cause us to collect layers that can cover our true selves. If these layers are left to fester without honoring a release it can suffocate our life’s expression. 

Use the natural cycle of release the full moon time offers to increase your life’s clarity to make empowering life choices.

What life area or circumstances has gripped you with a form of suppression, dulled your natural life expression and has been holding you back? 

The same as we are now understanding more fully of what it means to harness the power of the sun for solar energy. We have the similar access to the magnetic boosting effects of the moon to harness a personal and collective cycle of change for healing and transformation. The moon is nature’s natural power source to save us from stagnation. It is what keeps the ocean tides moving, without it life would suffer dramatically.

Here are 3 Highlights for the July Full Moon Focus:

1. THE INVITATION TO VALUE YOU. Have you gone too far in one direction? Out of balance in some life area that is now hurting for a transformative healing? This weekend is your invitation to release and renew the parts of your life that have been fueled from fear, trauma, hurt or old conditioning that keeps the grip of suppression holding you back. Can you show up to honor the value of you? 

Create your own ritual to release of what has collected that needs surrendering for your own transformative healing. 

2. COMING SOUL(FULLY) ALIVE. It’s time to awaken to your soul inspired essence the “essential you” that is always ready to be fresh and new. The part of you that is ready to reach beyond the life conflictions and restrictions. Take time to listen to the guidance to become more fully alive in the life that is asking for you to wake up to what’s next. Clear the path so you can walk with the steps that are next for you to become soul(fully) alive. Enter into some sacred space this weekend to let go and surrender to your soul’s whispers of truth speaking.

3. MANIFESTING YOUR MEANINGFUL LIFE. You have a powerful guidance speaking to you. Be still enough to listen. The meaningful life you can manifest is now. Not some distant conditional tomorrow. It’s right now. What if you listened and heard? What if you stepped toward it? Now. Today. What if the right people or right circumstances moved closer to you and your meaningful life? Are you open? Clear the space to set the stage for the manifesting cycle of your meaningful life to move with you and toward you.

Use this weekend of boosting illumination for inner spiritual housekeeping to clear the clutter, reduce the chaos and confusion, eliminate the inner toxicity that can turn physically and emotionally lethal if not properly processed. 

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now. -Chinese Proverb

Grab your now.
Write it right (antenna to God/Source). Name it and claim it. Release it.
Create your ritual of release and let your spirit renew.
Claim your value. 
Treasures await.

July Full Moon Intention Audio

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