Create your Miraculous Full Moon Ritual (5 easy steps here). Use this time to reboot, rebirth and restart your personal revolutionary shift you are ready for.
What is being revolutionized for you?
What’s the real work ready for you to clear?
In what life area is most pressing the shift?
Health/body? Home? Relationship(s)? Career? Value Exchange/Finances?
July Full Moon Energy Focus:
1. Transforming into the NEW: The timing is now for the new to support you. Anything that has been stagnant and been in a long-lasting loop repeating the same pattern of reality is now in its time of shift. Get clear and honest with what needs to be cleared.
2. Personal REVOLUTION: A new revolutionary shift is here for you. Welcome your personal reboot for the most important restart you need to claim within the clearing for the release.
3. Surrender to the SHIFT: Letting go of what needs clearing. Sit within the truth of your needed transformation and allow the clearing to happen for the personal revolution ready to shift you forward in your worthy focus.
Write it right. Pen to paper. (antenna to God/Source/Life). Create your ritual of release, go deep and clear the clutter, and allow your revolutionary shift to show up for your life.
Shine on ~

 Support Enhancements

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