Transformation Time. The height of the eclipse cycle is here. Plus many planets are in retrograde, including a Mercury Retrograde period until the end of July. Full wholistic shifts are stirring. Do you feel them? Uncover the hidden things that have been holding back important areas of your life. 

What feelings, pains, or blockages are in need of deep recalibration? The shadow is being stirred both individually and collectively. As we clear our own hidden shadows, we help heal the collective shadow.

A completely new kind of confidence is emerging. You will be stronger, clearer, and in a more fully integrated self if you let yourself receive what is ready to shine forth for you. Don’t deny or disconnect from what is being dismantled. Let yourself express and be refreshed with renewal.

July Full Moon Eclipse Focus:

1. UNWINDING THE COVERED WOUNDS OF PAIN ACTING OUT. Hidden hurts. Trapped traumas. Buried blame. Reactive judgments. Betrayals of self. The layers of unconscious covered wounds that have disconnected us from our core correction to the Source of LIFE/God/Universe/Creation is being revealed for healing. Now is the time to give compassionate reflection to your needed release.

2. A REVOLUTION OF RELEASE. UNPACKING THE HIDDEN SHADOW. All that has been stuck, blocked and hidden is being revealed for a new profound renewal. Mercury Retrograde within this power eclipse time is slowing down situations and dynamics that deeply need to surface. The stalls or disruptions may seem painful, however, they are healing steps. The suppressed shadows that have been holding so much back are ready for their revolution of release.

3. NEW DYNAMIC OF CONNECTION WITH ALL RELATIONSHIPS. A new emergence is being called forth in connection to all our relationships. Personal, family, intimate, partnership, professional, communication in every direction, the way we exchange including finances and even respect, how we set self value and the value of others, honoring the body and honoring the earth body. Look to all these relationship dynamics and let whatever was hidden, held back or suppressed emerge.

Drop down to your expression of truth. Be still. Listen in. Surrender and release (give away). Create space and openness (receive). Re-establish self care while being able to provide compassionate care for others too. Sacrificing the self and/or the other in the name and game of survival is an old paradigm, and it is leaving. Inter-connectiveness and integration is being initiated for all of us.

You can use the spiritual practice of natural alignment with the Miraculous Full Moon Ritual for reflection and release. 

Also, it will be important to drink lots of water over this upcoming week to help create the clearing and washing away. Go outside, and let your feet or another part of your body touch the ground. Get grounded with the earth, and sit on the earth. Connect to the universal ground we all walk upon. Feel the connection to life.

Give yourself the transformational gifts that are ready to settle into your path for you to rise. 
Claim the new courage coming through for you.
Write it Right. (Antenna to God, Source, Creation)
Your timely transformation welcomes you.
Shine On ~


My Moment is NOW.

Not tomorrow. Not later. Not the distance future that never comes and is always moving forward. Your moment is NOW. More on this week’s Monday Mantra is here….

Guiding Questions for your Full Moon Ritual:

  • What old agreements or contracts need to be cleared and released?
  • What tangled or trapped traumas are ready to be released from the energetic grip that keeps repeating in relationships or surfacing again and again in situations? 
  • What’s covering, hiding or eclipsing the power of you?
  • Where in your life are you not allowing yourself to receive or to be received?

Your moment is NOW. Uncover. Clear. Tune in to what is ready to expand and shine through in a new profound uplifting way.

High capacity givers it’s time to Recalibrate Your Receiving. If you find your life involved in high capacity this is your call to Embrace Your Flow Fully. Giving and receiving. Doctors, healers, nurses, teachers, social workers, service providers, care givers, business owners and mothers… it’s calling to you big time to recalibrate your receiving. We need you in all your gifts and giving with the right reciprocity.

Join me LIVE for the Workshop + Ritual we will transform together.

Within all of us are the “masculine” and “feminine” energetics. We can easily see these energetics play out in life however, they are not specific to genders. We have both energies inside us.

It is up to each of us to have a good internal relationship with these energetics to live out our desired dreams.


Tuesday, July 16th

Embracing the Feminine Flow

Connect. Heal. Align. Together.

This is why I am offering a LIVE Workshop + Ritual together. I highly recommend you attend LIVE for our collective connection and to benefit from the amplification of group energy. When a group comes together with a common intention, a powerful energetic field is created to support the outcome of each individual and the entire group. 

Connection is the fast track to create.

The Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse is an incredibly potent time to step forth with “Embracing the Feminine Flow”. This Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse is about releasing the part of your feminine power that has been covered or eclipsed your full power presence.