Full Moon Ritual 2015 Miraculous Full Moon July 1st 

You can set a tone that will transform the energy through all of July. We are entering the season for your soul’s enlightened reason. 

Check in. Check up with your soul. Tune in to your answers, and learn what is ready to be released. Reveal the next powerful stepping stones for you!

Power up your presence by illuminating and bringing to light all the inequalities that have persistently plagued you. Bring to light all the inequalities and imbalances you have allowed to manifest in any capacity in yourself or in the world around you. Inequalities breed and hold resentments that pollute your reality. 

Make no mistake. There has been a light slowly illuminating brighter and brighter allowing what has been deeply hidden to be seen and used for healing and lasting transformation.

Release your repetitive resentments, regrets, and remorse. Use this powerful boosting time of the full moon to reflect and balance your needed healings and transformations.

Repetitive resentments show up with the “self” and others. Repetitive resentments are pieces of karmic persistence that keep a revolving pattern turning. Over the next 24 hours, take notice of all thoughts and feelings that reinforce resentments affecting your present reality. By taking notice, you can reflect and direct their release!

Write it right (Antenna to God/Universe) with a simple spiritual ritual during the full moon. Let it go… and evolve your next best steps!

Use the Miraculous Full Moon Ritual and create the clearing space for the inspiring endeavors ready to be lived by YOU! They are calling to you, whispering in your heart. Release the heavy past burdens that hold you back and weigh you down. 

Manifesting momentum will stir quickly if you lighten your load and stir your soul’s deeper reason into motion.

Shine on ~


by Anne Ribley | 19 minutes

The 5 Simple Steps of the Full Moon Ritual

It’s Simple, Yet Magically Transformative:

    1. Create a sacred space with meditational music.
    2. “Write it right” on a piece of paper all you would to relinquish. This is all the darker aspects of your life. The more specific the better. The areas where you need Divine help to heal whether it be something on the inside of you or a life situation.
    3. Set in the fireplace and let the paper burn.
    4. Announce the words out loud with full intention, I Relinquish! BeGone!
    5. Stay open to the miraculous and watch your prayers begin to manifest.

Heart Centered Meditation for Healing & Transformation

by Anne Ribley | Open the Treasure Chest (Appx 15 minutes)

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