July Full Moon HR

Super Full Moon Saturday July 12, 2014. The moon will appear bigger and brighter as it orbits closer than usual to earth. Energy is intensified. We are all connected to this “Nature of Life”. Any aspect of us that is imbalanced will be begging for attention to be released. Areas of ourselves that are well balanced will boost stronger. When we better understand the amplified energy during the alignment of the sun + earth + moon. We can use the natural boosting power of the super full moon to meditate, pray and bring to light harmonizing balance with our internal and external worlds.

You can use this powerful time to let go of old grievances, unrelenting thoughts that block your present joy, stress/anxiety, recurring struggles, old stories, painful/hurtful circumstances or anything that needs to be weeded out of the garden of your life so you more fully plant the seeds of heart’s dreams.

You can participate in a Miraculous Full Moon Ritual anytime in the next few days because this boosting cycle of energy is a window of time available to all us to connect more deeply and fully with life’s natural aligning rhythmic cycles. Clear the way for your light to shine bright. You matter. Your dreams matter. You are a gift to the world.  Shine on ~
Namaste, Anne

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