Full Moon June 27-28th

The Miraculous, Transformative Full Moon Ritual ~ June 27/28th 2018 ~ Create Your Miraculous Full Moon Ritual. Release and receive your manifesting good. Be light. Shine your transforming truth.
We are shifting forward in big leaps. We can propel the leaps with massive forward momentum if we are light. Yes, we need to be light for the movement we seek.
June Full Moon Focus
1. Release the weight (all the old that is weighing you down). Release the heaviness (all resentments and stories that are holding you back). Release the resistance (all the built up force field frequencies that have imprisoned you.) Release the weight of a repeating past pattern or story that lingers and revisits with repeating momentum into a force-field of fear and resistance. You are now ready to release. Unthaw the truth.
2. Shine the light. Let your light shine. Be Light. Write it right. Write it down. Pen to paper. Antenna to God, Universe, Creation, and LIFE, and let your light shine with truth-telling warmth that is ready to shine brighter to the future that is calling to you what is true and within your truth of life.
3. Your power is present to propel you forward. We are all very ripe and ready to bring in new ideas. Bring in new energy systems, in the personal and collective worlds. Bring in new ideas around relationships, new ideas around the politics of families, and new ideas around the politics of business and government. Bring in new ideas about money and the roles you play. Bring in new ideas on health, freedom and connection and what they truly means to us. We are seeing change occur on all levels. We are being called to look at our own contribution in our personal lives, so we may become a collective power propelling an inspiring future forward.
Release. Shine. Make the leap forward.
Write it right.
Pen to paper (Antenna to God, Source, Universe)
Feel the ground of the earth connect you to your essential nature.
Let your soul-inspired spirit shine!
You are ready.
Take your leap.
Shine on ~

June Full Moon Intention

by Anne Ribley | 18 Minutes

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