Transformation is here packed and loaded. Let it all go.
Time to start anew like never before. 5 Simple Steps to the Full Moon Ritual.
Transformation is here. No one is exempt. We are being thrust into the needed transformation for truth, transparency, and uncovering. And it isn’t slowing down soon. We are in eclipse season now with double the intensity of eclipses than usual now through July.
This month’s energy brings the strong desire to cut loose the toxic games of shadows, reflecting back and forth that have held stagnated hidden toxicity for too long.
1. Releasing Shadows. Releasing the shadow side of what has been eclipsed. What needs to be eclipsed.
2. Mirror Reflections. We are in a passage of mirrors and shadows. Reflecting the light of what is ready to be brought through transformation. Mirroring what has been building energy.
3. Relational Connections/Relationships. We are having to take a very close look at our relational connections up-close and personal while turning toward how we collectively contribute to our humanity. How we relate to everything is going a drastic under-haul in an entirely new way.
The spiritual practice of the full moon ritual is now, more than ever, calling you to take time to reflect, release and open up and let go. Not hold onto to old beliefs, perspectives, to accelerated energy
Give sacred time for your ritual.
Write it right.
Pen to paper (Antenna to God, Source, Universe)
Humanity is healing.
Healing can look messy.
Go inside. Let what needs to go. Go.
Let what needs to BeGone. Gone.
Shine on ~

Let this mantra become a prayer, an anthem for each of us in our most personal and collective life decisions and choices with how we are showing up for the next right steps. The energy entry to what is next is standing right in front of each of us with our own individual power.

Let us not live out of fear and altercate the next right steps. Let us know the message we carry is shaping our lives. Those messages are the living breathing mantras repeated over and over in all ways of interaction. All the living cells of our bodies and individual selves are eavesdropping in on the repeating messages that have the momentum to carry power and energy. Let the mantras of today breathe connection and protection for the next right steps.

May we do our part individually with knowing how to show up within those next right steps.

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