Full Moon Weekend~ June 3/4th, 2023. Have you been feeling the intensity?

The energy is on the move for you. Create your Miraculous Full Moon Ritual   >>>5 Easy Steps Miraculous Full Moon Ritual.

After a long time holding pattern and much re-shifting for a new way, you will the energy take on a whole new momentum. This moon is known as the Strawberry or blossoming moon. It is the full moon marking a season change.

What new life season is blossoming for you?
Full Moon Energy Focus:
1. Explosive Energy Expansion
You are being launched into a much BIGGER expansion. The energy and time are now, tune into your most truthful transformation. Pay close attention to the energy and what wants to suddenly emerge. Blazing a new pathway is here for you.
2. Radical Heart Honesty
This full moon holds a powerful force of real life-changing radical energy for deeper desires and new beginnings to blossom. Use your ritual of release to forgive, let go and surrender what no longer serves or supports you to make space for your BIG soul visions.
3. BIG Vision Victories
Now is the time to prepare for your bigger visions and purpose. Know your dreams. Let the old timelines collapse for the very supportive energies here to propel prosperity for your victory.
Write it right. Pen to paper. (antenna to God/Source/Life). Create your ritual of release, light the shining truth and set yourself free to the dreams calling you forward held close to your true heart.
Shine on ~

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