Manifesting SUPER New Moon
We are at the 3rd consecutive and final super new moon for 2017.
Super-charge your manifesting intentions with a New Moon Ritual.
The Solstice time is about holding the space long enough to create and seed dreams and intentions. Life is a progression of emerging intentions coming to life. Will you take the time to hold the space long enough with intention for what you want to create?

Grab your magical time. Reduce your distraction. Take time to create your personal manifesting moon ritual. Use sacred solstice energy by holding the space of what you want to create and make manifest next for yourself.


SUPER New Moon Focus for June:

1. Feeling the Shift into Your Personal Power.
Step into the shift of your true personal power. Take your power back from the “shoulds”, and let your true inner knowing connect stronger to what you want and what you could become. What do you really want? What could your own dreams and intentions initiate for you in a powerful new shift of new beginnings?

2. Coming Home to You.
Pull your power back to your own source of well-being. Get comfortable in the home of your body, the home of your emotional body. Get into union with your feelings. Hold the space long enough to hold what’s true for you. By calming your soul to the core, you join the inside space of what you want to create to the possibility and intention that becomes your manifestation. 

3. Having Agency Over Your Authenticity.
Become your own authority on what is right for your life. The manifesting movement is pointing back at you for what you want to create. You are feeling strongly about wanting to get your life resolved and stable in a more supportive way. It’s happening now. You can call it in with your agency of authority. Use this special time to manifest and transform.

Create your “write it right” list (antenna to God, Source, Universe). What is your energizing word that encompasses what you would like to bring forth and add to the balancing light of sacred attention for your manifesting intentions?

The new moon is a natural receptive cycle. This specific solstice cycle is all about what you want to hold space to create.
Write empowering statements such as:
I am holding space for ________.
I am open to receive ________.
I am giving my attention to_________.
I am worthy of ___________.
My energizing word to embody is _______.
Let it be!

Light your candle and declare fully “BeCome”!
Allow your heart open wider and your possibilities expand.
Let your light shine into the world!
Hold your truth of intention.
Manifest your miracles.
Shine on ~

June Super New Moon Monthly Intention

by Anne Ribley | 15 Minutes


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inspired during a session of the “Soul Stamina Plan” journey. 

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