New creation timelines are being called forth. Super-charge intentions with a New Moon Ritual.
Currently, a powerful cycle of growth forward is forging a new future. The 7 easy steps to spiritual practice of the Manifesting New Moon Ritual can create the clarity connection to manifest your clear intentions and hold space for the world needs from each of us at this time.
Put pen to paper, antenna to God/Source,/Creation. Set the intentions with your “write it right” list/letter. Allow yourself to name it and claim it. Open yourself to the support ready to step forth in ways beyond what is known at this time.
June Manifesting New Moon Focus:
Powerful new creational energy is being activated to catalyze new creations, ways of being. What’s your energizing word that represents your focus and frequency for the new creations calling your life currently?
The power of the current time is causing a dropping into the deeper desire lines that have been rising to the surface. Listening in. Leaning in. Loving them to be heard, healed, and honored.
What are the deep desire lines in your life ready to be lifted to the surface for love and attention to come more online and alive?
The era of sheer force energy to manifest and push ahead is ending. Energies are moving all around to find new ground. Where has there been wayyyyy too much force in your life? Look to the life areas filled with deficients of life energy depletions.
We are in a time of connecting higher wisdom to touch into our earthbound existence for more graceful growth. Let it land. It’s an important time to connect to the earth, letting yourself ground into your life’s NOW reality. There is new wisdom of where you need to grow, desiring to help you forge a new path forth — gracefully.
The Manifesting New Moon Ritual offers a powerful synchronizing way to embrace the success this new creation stage is calling everyone into. Let’s go there. I am here to help support your way.
Create your power ritual and light your candle, declaring fully “BeCome”!
Shine on ~

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