This teleseminar was scheduled specifically to help support you with manifesting momentum following the Manifesting New Moon Ritual. 

Join in and I will reveal the simple 4-step process that supports making your manifesting hopes and dreams easier for you to materialize. 

Discover what gets in the way and prevents you from manifesting easily. Learn how to stop oscillating with manifesting your desires.

Plus, discover the 7 core areas of Soul Stamina and it’s direct correlation to manifesting. Once you know them, it will change the way you observe your life and manifesting.

In this hour, I promise you will be walk away with immediate insights and understandings to better support your heart’s dreams and desires. Join me this Saturday and support your hopes, dreams and intentions, look forward connecting with you on the conference.

Call US Toll Number: (530) 881-1212
MeetingID: 147-913-235
No Limit for Call in Participation

*Webinar participation limited to only 50 attendees.
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