I am in the “Serenity of Safety” as I expand into my unknowns.

Big or small unknowns… making the phone, meeting the person, waiting for the answer… the many multitudes. Right now there is some area with unknowns asking for your expansion.
Let this powerful mantra of safety help you stand strong…

Say it 3 times in your mind right now and you will feel a calm grace wash over you…

I am in the “Serenity of Safety”…

You can connect to the calm serenity of safety to help carry you into whatever unknowns you face, don’t feel you are alone.

You are connected to Universal Loving Presence pervading the core connection of LIFE.

The mantra phrase “Serenity of Safety” is a field of protection surrounding you.

Be with your expansion within the serenity of safety here for you.
♥️ Namaste, Anne

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