Blue Full Moon ~ March 31st

Let this powerful weekend bring you the release, renewal and transformational rise you need at this time. Create your own ritual of release and renewal during this boosting blue full moon. 

What long-standing relationship is shifting for you?
Intimate? Partnership?
Body? Health?
Career? Job?

This is the second set of blue full moons for 2018. We began this year with a full moon on the 1st and 31st of January. We are entering the same pairing again for March. A lot of energy around a significant relationship is stirring for everyone in some capacity.

We are closing the month of March on the 31st with a blue full moon. However, this time Mercury is retrograde. This marks a time period of natural slowing down for the inward check-points needed for clarity. Use this unique boosting time of the blue full moon because we won’t be having another blue moon cycle in 2020. This is your chance to create a powerful ritual during this boosting energetic time.

March Blue Full Moon Focus:

1. RELEASING WHAT DOESN’T SERVE YOU ANYMORE. We have been going through a complete overhaul in the relationship area of life, relationships in all areas of life, with each other, ourselves, our behaviors, our structures, our finances, our health and all that relates to our outer world connection.
Issues around equalities and power are finding new paradigms. Look to your inner world to release deeply held desires that ache to be unleashed around a newfound relationship in your life.

What have you have been wrestling with for a long time? Time to let it go. Relief is here to give you a sense of renewal. Take the time for it.

2. FORWARD MOVING FLOW. This power time of the full moon falls into mercury retrograde as a time to give closure and let go of the secrets that you have been held inside. Let go of all forms of secrets that want to be released to the light of healing. Allow the lighter side of your being to experience life with joy. The slowing down of manifesting energy is only happening to refine your clarity of the forward flow. In the next two weeks, as we approach the new moon, you will notice a more clear assertive path open you. Allow the clarity to come through for you.

3. ENERGIZED TO RISE. It’s time to rise with your lightness of being. Allow your joy to celebrate a newfound energy to help lift you. If you have been feeling fuzzy, foggy and lackluster, a shift toward clarity and power is here for you. You can access this natural energy boost to rise. There is a transformational renewal you can access right now during this power time. Create your personal ceremony or ritual of release during this special power time.

Something miraculous is here for you.
Shine on in your fullness of being ~
Light and free…

March Full Moon 2018 Insider Intention Audio

by Anne Ribley | 17 minutes

Powerful Tools for the Boosting Blue Full Moon


It’s Simple, Yet Magically Transformative:

1. Create a sacred space with meditational music. (See Below)

2. “Write it Right “on a piece of paper all you would to relinquish. This is all the darker aspects of your life. The more specific the better. The areas where you need Divine help to heal whether it be something on the inside of you or a life situation.

3. Set in the fireplace and let the paper burn.

(You can use parchment paper, if you need easy, clean burn with no ashes.)

4. Announce the words out loud with full intention… I Release. I Relinquish. Be Gone!

5. Stay open to the miraculous and watch your prayers begin to manifest.


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