~ Full Moon March 1/2nd~

A powerful 2018 is on the way for you as we experience, for the second time this year, a month that begins with a full moon and ends with a blue moon. You can use the power-boosting ritual of release and renewal to super-charge your month of March. 

We are in a natural time of balancing alignments. All our primary influencing life areas come into sharper focus around the full moon. Home. Family and intimate relationships. Money matters. Career and job situations.

A full moon happens when the sun and moon are opposite each other with the earth the middle. It’s a naturally occurring alignment and relationship time. This will naturally boost a synchronizing nature with earth and all of life on earth, including our relationships with each other. We are not outside this effect. We are included within it. Throughout history, we have used this powerful time to harvest better life conditions through how we plant seeds and handle crops.

You can harness this power time with your own personal life with a ritual of release.

Energy Focus for the March Full Moon:

1. DECLUTTER THE DRAINING. Detoxify and make your reset. Whatever has been getting the way of allowing you to be efficient with your energy, it’s time to recognize it, and let it go. Look into your life areas that have been depleting you, and see what needs to be released. Emotional clutter? Neurotic repeating mental patterns that keep you stuck? Time distractions? Money matters pulling you into over-extension? Extra body weight? Life areas without proper boundaries that allow the energy to drain. It’s time to recognize where you need to declutter and claim your renewal.

2. RELEASE OVER-EXTENSION ENERGY. There has been an energetic theme for the last several months of reeling the power back to where it belongs. Whatever life area you feel is over-extended, now is the time to acknowledge it for your own transformative healing and renewal. It’s time to become devotional to the daily life you want to create. Use this highly creative time of springing forth new energy to look honestly at where you have over-extended yourself energetically. Have you avoided your next best actions? Have you held yourself back by denying or escaping needed present time changes? Now is a time of accepting and selecting your own purification and for refinement of what you want to create.

3. FREEING YOUR FEELINGS. Your feelings are energy waves broadcasting frequencies. Free yourself to experience the feelings you want to be broadcasting. Recognize the feelings that have been hard on you, hurting you, haunting you or holding you down or back. Free your feelings into the frequency you want to actualize and manifest your life with the vibrations you want to experience.

It’s time to shine your truth to the light for release, renewal and restorative transformation.
Let go.

March Full Moon 2018 Insider Intention Audio

by Anne Ribley | 17 minutes