New Month. New Moon. New Momentum. Let’s join together around the world with a Collective Prayer of Hope, Light & Well Being. 7 Easy Steps to the New Moon Ritual.
There is no question that our personal and collective energetics are happening right now in the awakening that is accelerating our humanity together, March brings in a creational momentum.
I have been sharing actively for over 7 years now the power of the new moon prayer as a personal and collective Prayer Movement of Hope, Light & Well Being for our intentions. It’s nature’s natural synchronization. The ocean tides rely on the magnetic moon movement to stay healthy and not get stagnant with toxic stuck energy that will breed dis-ease and breakdown.
Let’s create a collective prayer wave worldwide. Around the world, we can bring our hearts and souls together in prayerful intentions for the momentum ready to manifest in March.
Let’s create a cascade of a million lights on around the world for the March New Moon. The more we roll out our prayers and intentions around the world in the next 72 hours the more we create a wave of possibility that ignites the light of hope for the momentum of peace and well-being.


March Momentum New Moon:
1. MANIFESTING WITH FREQUENCY. It is how we are holding the focus that will generate the frequency for the co-creating manifestation that will move the momentum in the unfolding month.
2. POWER POSITION. Finding our position with power is being redefined on many levels. Personally and collectively. The balance of power is shifting. Aligning your personal position with the power will have a direct impact on the path for creating and manifesting the momentum birthing a new path forward.
3. MOVEMENT & MOMENTUM. The energy and power are moving. We are the ones impacting the momentum of the energy becoming the frequency shaping the future. What is the movement being called for you to move with momentum?
Let’s embrace the deepest form of hope in our prayers, intentions, and visions to directly connect to the miraculous impact here for us to transform the new. Pen to paper. Antenna to God/Source/Universal Loving Presence/Divine. Light the flame of hope and ignite the intentions of meaningful momentum.
Every thought.
Every word.
Every move.
Let’s shine bright.


We can impact the field, the frequency of energy we each offer into the collective current. Declaring peace with this mantra can make miraculous impact.
Declare peace around everything touching your life.
Declare peace in your mind.
Proclaim peace in your prayers.
Feel the power of your words and intentions around peace to shape and shift energy, instantly and immediately.
Repeat the mantra as often as you need or anytime you feel conflict arising in or around you in thought or a situation.
We have power to hold a focus and frequency on peace and bypass all channels of complexities in the way.
Let’s do it for our own lives and into the greater field of LIFE.
Our own ability to declare peace is powerful beyond belief.
Speak the peace mantra for your own personal life or anywhere it is needed.
Take a moment right now and let the mantra speak peace into our shared world.
Peace from you + me is needed.
Let our peace frequency resound.
Peace be with you.

Moon Support Power Meditations

Frequency & Focus are the super power of the higher wisdom coming in right now for co-creating the new manifestations. The old ways or collapsing.  Position your focus and frequency into alignment with manifesting momentum we all need to contribute into the field of LIFE.

I am offering the Soul Inspired Manifesting Series for the March Momentum. This is going to be a special container for 1 Focus + 1 Goal + 1 Month with support. Connection. Belonging. Community. Personal power. Focus. Faith. Activating inspired actions. Manifesting momentum. Meaningful impact. Intentions ignited. Dreams coming alive. These are some of the very specific energies that will held in the container of the March Momentum for an important goal you want to bring to life.

Feeling the call to bring something forward and alive right now? Want to be a part of the March Momentum with the Soul Inspired Manifesting Series?

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