March New Moon 2015~ Manifesting Super New Moon ~

Friday, March 20th

+ Transformational Eclipse Energy!

This will be the third consecutive Super New Moon, an extremely heightened time to bring intention to your manifesting dreams. PLUS, instead of the new moon disappearing into the light, there will be a solar eclipse with the moon’s visibility against the sunlight. 

What’s the transformational energy available for you to gain during this powerful “Solar Eclipse - Super New Moon” time? 

A BIG time new cycle of LONG-TERM change can be yours right now. However, it doesn’t come without FIRST walking through the shadow versions of the “self” that have been blocking the way. 

Literally, nature is mirroring how to transform with the current cycle of change. This Super New Moon is layered with a powerful energetic catalysts to assist the change during this natural window of alignment for healing. 

First, since this is the third Super New Moon in a row (3 is a high manifesting and sticking pattern/number), having clarity with your intentions can truly super-charge dreams and manifesting wishes brought to the light.

Secondly, walking through the darker doorways of the self that have been longterm energetic blocks will unlock healing, transforming energy. This kind of releasing energy typically resembles what occurs around the time of the full moon with darker or heavier energies in nature. However, this Super New Moon holds two transformational aspects of dark and light energies as the moon’s darkness visibly aligns against the sunlight, naturally symbolizing your own entry into the light by way of the darker doorway.

Shed the karmic blocks. Move to the light of your dreams. Reflect on long-term karmic energy cycles or patterns that need to transform into new growth and change. Let your own awareness toward well-being bring new light toward your manifesting dreams.

Wisdom changes karmic timelines.
ATTENTION breathes INTENTION into life.

Have you felt shadows/heaviness, stuck feelings with slow moving energy, sabotage or recurring patterns in any specific long term area of your life? 

Lately, I have done rigorous reflection on these areas. I have been eaves dropping on my mind’s conversations and observing long-term patterns in my life. If you too have felt it in some capacity, then know it’s time for tuning into your long-held transformation that is now ready. You are moving in sync with the gifts that this week is trying to bring you with ATTENTION for your life’s deeper INTENTION!

It’s a beautiful emergence happening right now for you to actualize the light of your hopes and dreams.

You are connected to everything you need to heal, transform, manifest, hope for and dream about in your heart’s desires to spring forth!

Join the global movement of collective consciousness for participating in the Manifesting New Moon Ritual to spring forward with your light that is ready to shine. 

Align to the best LIFE wants to manifest with you!
Shine on ~
Heart Smiles,

Super New Moon Transformational Eclipse Energy

by Anne Ribley | 25 Minutes

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